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Dance Styles

Dance Styles & Trends

Are you a bit overwhelmed by the many different dance styles? With so many styles of dance to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? We feature special groups of dance styles such as Latin dances, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Kizomba, Modern Dance, Fusion Dance, Irish dance and Persian Dance as well as many popular dances styles.

You can also explore our most popular Salsa dancing calendars in USA: New York Salsa, Los Angeles Salsa, Chicago salsa and San Diego salsa, in United Kingdom: London Salsa, in Canada: Toronto Salsa and in Germany: Berlin Salsa. For the most devoted fans, be sure to check our Salsa Festivals calendar around the world!

Tango anyone? Check our calendars below by major world cities with the biggest argentine tango communities: New York tango, Seattle tango, Chicago tango, Philadelphia tango, Miami tango and London tango. For the most devoted fans, be sure to check our Tango Festivals & Marathons calendar to tango festivals around the world!

Here you can explore and learn about the many dance styles in the world of dancing:


  • Argentine Tango

    Explore Argentine Tango Dance Styles, Music and History. Find Tango events, city dancing calendars, shows, milongas, videos and dance studios near you.

  • Bachata

    Bachata music has experienced the same ups and downs that the dance has since the 1960’s. It has had to fight for survival just as the dance has.

  • Ballet

    Ballet is perhaps the most well-known dance form across the world. It is a type of dance known for its rigid technique, prima ballerinas and full history.

  • Ballroom Tango

    There are many different styles of Tango, one of which is known as Ballroom. This particular style deviated from its Argentine ancestry as its steps...

  • Belly dance

    Belly dance is a dance form that comes from the middle east. Some argue that it is one of the oldest dances in the word. Through the river Nile in Egypt...

  • Flamenco

    Flamenco is a Spanish dance that has evolved over the years into a vivacious ballroom stape. However, the beginning of Flamenco dance actually originated...

  • Folk & Other World Dances

    Learn about folk and many other world dance styles, their history, origin, costumes, music, technique

  • Foxtrot

    Foxtrot is known as the only American ballroom dance, and certainly holds a unique flavor. It is a graceful, yet somewhat difficult dance to master and has...

  • Fusion Dance

    Learn about Fusion dance - technique, style, steps, music, history, infulences; companies and competitions; and festivals around the world.

  • Hip Hop

    A wildly popular, and relatively young, form of dance is Hip Hop. This genre began being developed in the 1970's, and grew simultaneously on the streets...

  • Irish Dance

    Learn about Irish dance - styles, steps, music, history, infulences; costumes, dresses, shoes; and modern Irish dancing with videos.

  • Kizomba

    Explore Kizomba Dance Style, Music and History. Find Kizomba articles and events, videos and dance studios near you.

  • Latin Dances

    Learn about Latin dance styles, types, names: Latin Ballroom dances and Social (street-club) Latin American dances list with videos and history. #latindances

  • Modern dance

    The form of dance style known as "modern dance" is an artistic dance form that allows free movement based on choreography that seeks to provide the audience...

  • News & Trends

    Get the latest in dance news & trends at Our editors and contributing writers are there to bring you the latest and the greatest in the dance world

  • Persian Dance

    Persian dance seems to be an obscure genre, often confused with other more popular Middle Eastern dance styles, however, most Middle Eastern dance scholars...

  • Salsa

    Explore Salsa Dance Styles, Music and History from clubs to latin ballroom. Find Salsa dancing events, calendars, videos and dance studios near you.

  • Swing

    Swing dance was born in the 1920's originating from Harlem, New York with Afro-American Roots The initial Swing dances were the Charleston and the Lindy Hop.

  • Tap dance

    Tap Dance is fun, exhilarating and the syllabus is fairly easy to learn. Tap Dance technique, however, takes time and patience.



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