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Argentine Tango "The music goes in my ears, is filtered through my heart, and comes out through my feet." ― El Flaco Dany Garcia

Argentine Tango

Tango is a very sensual dance, and is among some of the most famous couple dances today. Prior to the birth of Tango, which happened in the poorer sections of Buenos Aires in the early 1900’s, there were only a few dances that required that a couple become so intimate as to face each other. The history of Tango is a little muddled, as it began in the lower classes, and it has faced many trials over the years. However, Tango has survived and grown into a dance that is enjoyed worldwide.

The actual origins are very unclear mainly because it grew from a group of people who were uneducated. However, it is very clear that it was initially developed and practiced in brothels. In the early 1900’s, there was a huge shortage of women in the Buenos Aires area. As a result, men would often gather in brothels and places of ill repute to seek favors from the ladies. After all the time sitting around and waiting for the women, the men utilized this time to practice Tango dancing among themselves. Other reports seem to indicate that the prostitutes and the men would dance together in these institutions. 

In the highest circles, tango was disregarded. This is not surprising, given the origin of the dance. But that all changed in 1912 when tango made the trip overseas and became a sensation in Paris, London and Berlin. 1913 saw it strike New York City in full force, although less authentic Tango dancing was already practiced there to some extent. After that Argentine tango began to force its way into the developed areas of Buenos Aires, removing restrictions on dance movements. The history of the genre in the capital of France is especially indicative. Passion for Latin American culture led to the emergence of their own, European, tango. French choreographers, not without pleasure, changed the style of movements and musical accompaniment, setting their own standards. They even had to develop a special line of clothing, named after the dance, for women were simply uncomfortable with performing sharp movements in lush dresses.

Currently, the popularity of dance does not fade away. The biggest tango communities after Buenos Aires include New York tango, Seattle tango in North America and Berlin and Paris in Europe as well as in many places in Asia. In numerous schools and tango dance studios they teach Argentine tango, arrange competitions and simply enjoy the beauty of the movement of two people. How the history of tango will go on, no one knows. It does not matter - tango has already earned the love of millions of admirers around the world. The numerous Tango Festivals take place every month in different world cities - they include workshops, performances, live music and dancing throughout the night. The recent popularity also gained Tango Marathons which do not have live music or shows but rather social dancing all day and night in the relaxed atmosphere - so it’s a good way to make many international friends who share your love for tango




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