U Can-DANCE is an artistic and performing arts mecca for McKinney, Texas and the surrounding areas. U Can-DANCE patterns itself after a School of Performing Arts, as well as, a Performing Arts Company. We pride ourselves on meeting the demand for a "Return to the Arts." Our studio is an institute of foundational learning which means that our curriculum is based on technique and not just "routines." We teach the basics and we expand on those basics. Then, after technique is refined, we move into artistic development, choreography and/or production. We believe that a great career in the performing arts begins with a great foundation, and at U Can-DANCE, we give you that foundation. It is our job to educate and prepare our students for whatever career-path they may follow, but to especially prepare them for a career in the performing arts. Our concept is very simple: our studio is based on a return to technical instruction, a return to the beauty of the arts and a return to what makes us a society of "creatively-free thinkers." We are a studio that believes that our students should be allowed to explore various areas of the performing arts without having to spend an extraordinary amount of time away from home. We are not of the mindset that more time in the studio yields better dancers or better performing artists. We are of the mindset that a good solid technical foundation, coupled with artistic technique and instruction, yield better dancers and better performers. Hence the birth of our company U Can-DANCE. The original concept of U Can-DANCE was to provide premiere dance instruction. We are now expanding to other areas of performing arts such as: musical theater and acting. We offer a variety of instruction that includes both on-site instruction at our studio in McKinney, Texas and off-site instruction, at your school, community center, church or other off-site location. We offer choreographer services for both competitive and artistic performances. Our belief is very simple: "Everyone can DANCE" and "Everyone WILL DANCE". Contact us with any questions about our programs and services, we will be more than happy to speak with you.

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address: 610 Elm Street, Suite 100, McKinney, TX, 75070
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phone: (972) 542-1440
Website: ucan-dance.com/
styles: Ballet, Ballroom, Choreographers, Contemporary, DanceSport, Hip-Hop, Hustle, Indian Dance, Jazz, Latin, Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theater, Pointe, Salsa, Tap, Wedding Dance,

Classes and Events Near U Can-DANCE

  • Ballet Beggining @ Preston Center Dance
    Ballet Beggining @ Preston Center Dance
    July 17 @ 1:30pm - 2:30pm | Weekly - Wednesdays

    Preston Center Dance, 6030 Luther Ln #170, Dallas, TX 75225, USA

    Still, the escape into the world of the film is not complete. Only rarely does the audience react as if the events on the screen are realfor instance, by ...
  • Ballet 2 @ Studio B
    Ballet 2 @ Studio B
    July 17 @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm | Weekly - Wednesdays

    Studio B, 2108 Kidwell St b, Dallas, TX 75214, USA

    Dancers at this level will start class at the ballet barre to work on classical technique, executing combinations at different musical tempos and on different ...
  • Ballet 3 @ Studio B
    Ballet 3 @ Studio B
    July 17 @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm | Weekly - Wednesdays

    Studio B, 2108 Kidwell St b, Dallas, TX 75214, USA

    Stylistic variations and subgenres have evolved over time. Early, classical variations are primarily associated with geographic origin. Examples of this are ...



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