Lively Lindy Hop Swing Dance Class! No Partner Necessary.

Lively LINDY HOP SWING DANCE CLASS! No partner necessary.
Oct 24

Lively Lindy Hop Swing Dance Class! No Partner Necessary.

INTRODUCING Vintage, American Lindy Hop Dance Lessons! Enjoy American Swing of the Golden Era with Jasmine Worrell. ••••• Lindy Hop ••••• Offered every Thursday from 6-7pm for those with some experience. For questions about whether this class is a good fit, or for absolute beginners, please email or call the dance instructor: [hidden] or [hidden] for info on her Lindy Hop 101 Workshop. Lindy Hop is the original American swing dance, also known as Jitterbug, which was created in the late 30's and 40's to really swing to the jazz music of the times which was being played in the dance halls in Harlem. Danced to a wide range of tempos, there is a strong pulse that drives the movement of the dance, and the music is traditionally big band swing from the Golden Era of Jazz. Lindy Hop is danced to an eight count rhythm and is generally characterized as a fairly lively and happy dance. The goal of the class will be to have you social dancing to some of North Americas most beautiful jazz music. There will be significant repetition to help work the rhythm into dancers bodies, as well as and partner rotation. No partner is needed! INSTRUCTOR: Encouraging and warm swing instructor has over 10 years of swing dance experience, and the class offers a very casual, friendly, positive space to learn. Jasmine is specialized in both American Swing and Argentine Tango, dance styles which originated during the same Golden Era, however in opposing hemispheres. Jasmine is a member of: Tango Con*Fusion, a professional all-female Argentine Tango performance company; a long-time dancer of the Busby Berkeley vintage style dance troupe, The Decobelles; and teaches private lessons and group classes in American Swing style across the Bay Area. [hidden] look forward to teaching you how to SWING DANCE! Studio [hidden] del Tango Dance Studio 167 Tunstead Ave. in San Anselmo [hidden] for questions! Teacher: [hidden] School location: almadeltango.org More Info below.

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Phone: 510 388 5498
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when: October 24 @ 6pm - 7pm
where: Alma del Tango, 167 Tunstead Ave., San Anselmo, CA, 95960 map
category: Argentine Tango



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