Mt Video-Classes With Jean-Pierre Sighe

Mt Video-Classes With Jean-Pierre Sighe
Jul 13

Mt Video-Classes With Jean-Pierre Sighe

Jean-Pierre is the founder of The Magdalena Technique (TM), initially known as Tango Magdalena. The Magdalena Technique (TM) helps the student learn how to create their own steps and figures, for, TANGO IS AN IMPROVISATIONAL experience. Learning and memorizing a bunch of steps is PROBLEMATIC, for obvious reasons... Why memorize steps created by someone else if indeed Tango is an IMPROVISATION? That is the question...isn't it? We have decided to put online some videos on specific subjects. You can check them as they become available at : [hidden] You can learn more by visiting our website created for our curriculum: [hidden] Our regular and original site is [hidden] More Info below.

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Phone: 4155333757
[email protected]
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Tips: Improve your Tango dancing.
when: July 13 @ 1:18am - 1:19am
where: ONLINE
price: $25
category: Argentine Tango



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