Free Ny Tango School Open House Sunday Nov 10th, 6-8pm

Free NY Tango School Open House Sunday Nov 10th, 6-8pm
Dec 08

Free Ny Tango School Open House Sunday Nov 10th, 6-8pm

FREE NY TANGO SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY NOV 10th 6 - 8pm, IT'S FREE EVERYONE WELCOME. No Dance partner or experience need for the Beginner Tango class Free Tango classes with JON TARIQ Free Beginners and Advanced Tango classes, Free practica Light snacks and refreshments - Sign up for a group classes and get $50% Off Or Sign up for Private lessons and get 2 Private lessons free Beginners , Advanced Tango & Milonga Ask Jon for more Info. - - If you wish to continue learning sign up and join us in our great program we have 2 great locations upper east side manhattan and midtown NYC. Also We have 2 great private lessons packages available to start you with, one on one is the great way to move you up faster to the next level!! So you can have fun dancing Tango anywhere. Jon's guarantee you will be moving and fun dancing on the dance floor with other dancers after your first dance lesson. Ask for more info. Let's learn to dance, make new friends and have more fun dancing Tango. Address: 25 W 31st 2nd Fl between 5th Ave & B'way Midtown NYC Join us for our monthly NY Tango school open house. If you are a beginner or have a background in dance, there is a tango class that can fit your level. If you are interested in watching tango, but you are still wary about trying it out yourself. Then join us. If you have any question email [hidden] more Info [hidden] More Info below.

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How to find us: www.nytangoschool.nyc. More Info
when: December 8 @ 6pm - 8pm
where: Adelante Studios, 25 West 31st Street, New York, US map
category: Argentine Tango



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