Tango Unlimited In Times Square - March Ticket

Tango Unlimited in Times Square - March Ticket
Mar 01

Tango Unlimited In Times Square - March Ticket

MARCH TICKET -Unlimited Tango in Times Square-Dardo Galletto Studios is proud to offer Unlimited Tango Classes in Times Square for an extremely competitive rate of $100 dollars. With the purchase of this ticket, you can attend ALL the Tango classes remaining until the end of the month. We recommend showing up for classes at the beginning of the current or following month to take full advantage of this promotion. Originally, $100 was equivalent to a package of four classes but this ticket gives you unlimited access. If you feel like starting Tango in the middle of the month, be assured that you will still save some money since you will most likely have more than four classes left to attend on that same month.To avoid online fees: pay cash at door.+1 extra discount: If you bring a +1 (friend/partner) enjoy a discounted price for a Private Lesson with a teacher of your choosing. Make your +1 purchases the promo. All our classes welcome all levels. We comfortably say that you won't be the only first-timer in class. We are lucky to have over 5 professional dancer assistant in almost every class that are ready to help you in your learning process. Get to know our Tango community and make new friends. Yes, some people find Argentine Tango intimidating but in less than a month we promise, you will feel more mobile and confident. If you are a Tango veteran and know the complexity of and benefits of Maestro Dardo Galletto's teaching, be assured that you will have plenty of fun adding all these classes to your training. We honestly express that we are not sure for how long we'll hold this promotion. We are repeating this promotion only until April. Our main goal is to bring new people to our community to expand the interest of Argentine Tango. Is likely that once our classes reach a regular attendance of over 30 people this ticket will no longer be available. But, everyone that got a hold of it, will continue paying the $100 promotion for the remaining months of the year. Our weekly Tango schedule is as follows:Monday: 6:30PM, 7:30PM, and 8:30PM.Wednesday: 5:30PM.Thursday: 6:30PM, 7:30PM, and 8:30PM.Sunday: 12:30PM and 1:30PM Visit www.dardogallettostudios.com for a more detailed schedule of other events. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions:[email protected] Tango Private Class available. More Info

when: March 1 @ 12:30pm - March 31 @ 9:30pm
where: Dardo Galletto Studios, 151 West 46th Street 11th fl, New York, NY, 10036 map
category: Argentine Tango



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