Brooklyn Blasts With Intermediate Hustle & Salsa Dance Class With Style

Brooklyn Blasts With Intermediate Hustle & Salsa Dance class with Style
Jan 17

Brooklyn Blasts With Intermediate Hustle & Salsa Dance Class With Style

Thursday nights will never be the same in Brooklyn. Don't just go home after work! Come join us for great dancing.A fun atmosphere with fun people and dancing. We are offering 2 great dance style classes. Location will Siricos - . Intermediate Hustle 8:15-9:15pm-we will work your feet to be clean, add arm styling and move from one move to another. Social Salsa 7:00pm-8:00pm- we will start with Salsa on 1, then progress to Cuban Salsa Join 1class or do both and get a real workout and be versatile Like challenge as about our Performance Hustle team starting end of Jan. We start the night with a refreshment and then interactive dance class open to all, then mix,mingle, practice how to get your groove on. These 2 dances are the best dance for club music. " Maria Fiora professional coach, and performer will take your through how to hear the beat,move your feet and mix it up. Singles- dance is the best way to get to know each other and its healthy fun. Couples this makes a hot date night,then add dinner and drinks and you have got a hit. Are you coming to learn how to be an amazing partner on the dance floor or learn some hot new moves? Men you will learn how to be an amazing partner, and ladies how to be light on your feet with some styling for the arms and more. the difference between Maria's classes and others is she teaches the details, and dances strong in it to make you shine. She doesnt just teach you steps and you figure it out. NO you learn it inside and out. CHECK OUT SAMPLE CLASS- [hidden] *RESERVATION ONLY- first 5 to enroll i full course get 1 free private 1 class course Hustle or Salsa for 8 weeks-$199 2 courses purchase -Hustle and Salsa-16 classes for 8 weeks-$290- *first party is free Every other week there will be a [hidden]. . Sorry we cannot allow drop ins- as we need to reserve space to guarentee class.Contact us at Dance with Maria[hidden]Help us make it grow-please tell your friends Will add in the future dances as Tango, just ask. * please do not wear stillettos,backless shoes,heavy boots or sneakers. Dance shoes recommended More Info below.

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when: January 17 @ 7pm - 9:30pm
where: Siricos, 8023 13th ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11228 map
category: Argentine Tango



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