Street Style Sundays Salsa Dance Class

Street Style Sundays Salsa Dance Class
Jun 23

Street Style Sundays Salsa Dance Class

STREET STYLE SUNDAY DANCE CLASS is for dancers who are new to dancing or at a beginner level. Our focus will be on learning the basic steps, variations on those steps, and how to elevate your basics to make your dancing look and feel amazing! We will be teaching SALSA at 330pm, and then WEST COAST SWING at 430pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, and we support degendering in dance, so you can dance whichever role you choose: Lead or Follow. Knowing both sides of any dance will help to make your dancing even better ![img]([hidden]) ALL LI'RANN DANCE CLASSES ARE A SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE... We are all Dancers, and we all deserve the right to dance with freedom, fun and abandon on the dance floor! SALSA is one of the fun South American dances that is sexy, fast paced, and has many different styles to try out. We will be concentrating on a relaxed style that incorporates movement from several styles, as well as introducing Salsa La Rueda (danced in a circle where someone calls out the steps) and Salsa Switch (where the lead and follow switch back and forth between dancers). JOIN US AFTER CLASSES FOR DINNER AT THE YARRAVILLE CLUB... Just a short walk up the street, we can head over for a drink and a bite to eat, and get our social on from 530pm.![img]([hidden]) As classes build up, we have the opportunity to extend our time and add some social dancing at the Yarraville Community Centre to the end of our classes... so keep attending, help build numbers, and let's get our Street Style Sundays happening! PRICE PER PERSON: $20 for a single class $25 for both classes (Salsa @ 330pm, West Coast Swing @ 430pm) ... why not stay and enjoy both styles of dance?! HOW TO BOOK: Online at [hidden] LOCATION FOR CLASS: Yarraville Community Centre 59 Francis St, Yarraville PUBLIC TRANSPORT: 10 mins walk from the Yarraville Train Station Use Google Maps to direct you LENGTH OF GROUP CLASS: 60 Minutes for each Class TIMING: 330pm - Salsa (430pm - West Coast Swing) JOIN OUR SOCIALS: Facebook: [hidden] Instagram: [hidden] YouTube: [hidden] More Info below.

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when: June 23 @ 3:30pm - 4:30pm
where: Yarraville Community Centre, 59 Francis St, Yarraville, VI map
price: $20
category: Salsa



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