Age 11-14 | Youth Ballet @ Zenon Dance School

Age 11-14 | Youth Ballet @ Zenon Dance School
Jun 16

Age 11-14 | Youth Ballet @ Zenon Dance School

Dance notation in the 20th century came to be concerned with basic movement as well as formal dance and was assisted by the invention of new systems of abstract symbolsthose of Rudolf von Laban and Rudolf Benesh being the most influential. Labanotation was the first to indicate duration, fluency, or intensity of movement. Today, these systems and others continue to evolve rapidly, amplified by film and videotape. More Info below.

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Phone: 612-338-1101
[email protected]
when: June 16 @ 11am - 12pm
where: Zenon Dance School, 528 Hennepin Ave #400, Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA map
price: $15
category: Ballet



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