Hip Hop Underground (Intro/Beginner) @ Dance 101

Hip Hop Underground (Intro/Beginner) @ Dance 101
Mar 05

Hip Hop Underground (Intro/Beginner) @ Dance 101

This instructional Hip Hop class creatively explores the basis of professional grade Hip Hop - at a beginner's pace. Join Naomi James, a phenomenally gifted teacher and choreographer, in a class which will accelerate your advancement by offering you a deeper cut into the expressive, bold and energetic language of Hip Hop movement. Develop greater body control/awareness, strengthen your balance and prepare to translate attitude into movement. This class is perfect for those wanting to really master Hip Hop but not ready to take an intermediate class. Naomi's awesome playlist is carefully curated to expose you to all the elements, energy and life she brings to her class experience; is so worth your time. We're really excited about this class and you will be too! Ready for the artistic side of Hip Hop? We got you More Info below.

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Phone: 404-545-8048
[email protected]
when: March 5 @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm
where: Dance 101, 855 Emory Point Dr C-105, Atlanta, GA 30329, USA map
price: $28
category: Hip Hop



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