Hip Hop 101 (Beginner) @ Dance 101

Hip Hop 101 (Beginner) @ Dance 101
Mar 06

Hip Hop 101 (Beginner) @ Dance 101

Experience the artistry of John James (JJ)! This beginner class for Hip Hop lovers and dancers who are hungry for professional quality hip hop artistry is taught at a slower, more manageable pace. Get a taste of his extraordinary talent for pairing movement to music, and sink your soul into emotive choreography that focuses on clean, fluid and intelligent movement. JJ's stylized groove catapulted him into a professional career as a touring dancer--originally from Atlanta, his career has taken him to L.A., Chicago, New York and now to dance 101 (in between gigs). When you see his classes on the schedule, make it a point to attend. Feed your artistry. Exercise your dreams and watch where it leads you.. More Info below.

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Phone: 404-545-8048
[email protected]
when: March 6 @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm
where: Dance 101, 855 Emory Point Dr C-105, Atlanta, GA 30329, USA map
price: $28
category: Hip Hop



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