Orchestra`S Interpretation

Orchestra`s Interpretation
Jun 25

Orchestra`S Interpretation

We are going to take some of the main orchestras of Argentine Tango from different times to analyze their characteristics and be able to dance with a broader criterion. It workshop is an introduction to an amazing world that can help us to interpret better what we are listening. We are going to consider the emotions, the colors and the nuances of the sounds to be able to add it to our dance. **Who can take this course:** * Tango students with curiosity about the Tango music * Students who wants to improve the sensation when dance * Every person who want to know more about the traditionals argentine orchestras **What happens when you finish:** You will be able to listen to the music better and thus be able to dance interpreting it more accurately.You will begin to add sensations to the mechanics of your dance. **Requirements** * No prior technical musical knowledge is necessary * No partner needed * Bring comfortable shoes and clothes (it is not necessary to bring hills). * Bring a pair of socks or ballet shoes **Inclusion and Diversity policy:** Strictly Tango NYC welcomes and includes everyone who wants to learn Tango. Gender (or gender identity) is not attached to the dance role (leader vs. follower). Diversity and sexual orientation are respected at our school. **Questions?** SMS or Whatssap[hidden] Email: [hidden] More Info below.

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when: June 25 @ 3:30pm - 5pm
where: Harlem, New York, NY, US map
price: $40
category: Argentine Tango




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