Tango For Fast Learners Day 1

Tango for Fast Learners DAY 1
Dec 04

Tango For Fast Learners Day 1

Tango For Fast Learners Bootcamp For Total Beginners with fast learning capacities and Pre-Intermediate students By Sergio Segura, Director Description: Tango for Fast Learners is a two days bootcamp with a three hour and a half per day intensive Tango workshop for people who want to take the challenge of learning all the basics of tango at once. Students will be introduced to all of the basics they need to dance with elegance and style at milongas. Who can take this course: People who already dance other dances and want to immerse quickly into Argentine Tango (salsa, ballroom, bachata, ballet, modern dance, etc..) People who have self body awareness through other activities such as sports, acting, yoga, etc and want to experience a partnering discipline Beginners and pre intermediate who want to review all the basic People with the following earning skills: Visual Learners, Body Kinethetics, Musical, Logical-Mathematical + Spatial, Intrapersonal + Interpersonal + Body language What happens when you finish: You acquire the knowledge to become a Pre Intermediate dancer, and you can attend this level of classes at STNYC. You just need to practise A LOT! When: Saturday Dec 4th & 5th, from 1 to 4:30 pm Where: Harlem location 123rd st and 8th ave up to 3 couples IMPORTANT READ: In case, that more than 3 couples sign up, we will move it to Pearl Studios on 519 8th ave 12th. No partner needed, No tango experience required All gender is welcome to lead or follow Coordination, balance and self awareness, concentration are required. Bring comfortable shoes and clothes. Not sure about shoes? Bring a pair of socks or ballet shoes Vaccination proof is required Program: Fundamentals: posture, embrace, feet positions, basic musicality The Five connections approach Navigation templates: the 3 main walking systems, basic dancing cells, basic leading commands Follower technique, Following strategies, Using body references, basic decorations. Etiquette at milongas (social dancing) and navigation strategies Create your own dance on the way... Pricing: One Day: In advance until Dec 1st $135 per person, $155 after, $170 at the door Two Days: In advance until Dec 1st $255 per person, $275 after, $300 at the door BONUS: You will receive a $50 credit toward a private class (floor fee included at the Harlem Location, to be used within 30 days after the ending of the course) You will receive a 30% discount toward a package of group classes More Info below.

when: December 4 @ 1pm - 4pm
where: 519 8th Ave, 519 8th Ave, New York, NY, 10018, US map
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Tips: How to find us: Ask Sergio or Strictly Tango at the font desk on the 12th fl. More Info
price: $135
category: Argentine Tango




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