Experience The New 1-2-3- Salsa/Bachata Format

Experience The New 1-2-3- Salsa/Bachata Format
May 12

Experience The New 1-2-3- Salsa/Bachata Format

• What we'll do: 1- Learn Salsa Combination, 45 mins.• 2- Learn Bachata combination, 45 mins. 3 - Open dance to practice your new moves. 1 1/2 hours or until crowd thins out. INSTRUCTOR - Christine "La Maestra" Almeida is in from Florida this week teaching favorite combinations of some of the Nations top Salsa and Bachata celebrity performers. She travels extensively and has become friends with talented professionals who share favorite moves for students and she will be teaching you some of those during the Milwaukee Baile Salsa Meetups. • What to bring: No rubber soled shoes, flip flops, or extremely high heels to cramp your style, turns, or wreck your knees or ankles. Smooth soled shoes best. • Important to know All levels of dancers welcomed, and guests. If you need more help, your instructor will stay for the open dance period to help new students with the basics so no student is left behind. More Info below.

when: May 12 @ 6pm - 9pm
where: Cafe El Sol Restaurant, 1028 South 9th Street, Milwaukee, WI, 53204, US map
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Phone: (414) 384-3100
Tips: How to find us: Enter main entrance of the United Community Center and go down one floor to Cafe el Sol. More Info
price: $12
category: Salsa




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