Tango Crash Course (2019-11-16 Starts At 4:00 Pm)

Tango Crash Course (2019-11-16 starts at 4:00 PM)
Nov 16

Tango Crash Course (2019-11-16 Starts At 4:00 Pm)

[hidden] Crash Course for Beginners is an intensive one and a half crash course for people who want to undertake the challenge of learning all the basics of tango in one day. Students will be introduced to all of the basics they need to dance with elegance and style at milongasTakeawayIn this Beginners Crash course you will get all the basic fundamentals of tango. It is guaranteed you will be dancing at the end of the class. It’s a great way to begin tango for those who have never danced it before. Content: FundamentalsPosture, embrace, feet positions, musicality, connection, Navigation, Baldoza, Paso basicoBasic CombinationsNOTES: No partner is necessary / Bring comfortable clothes and shoes (no boots, flip flops, platforms). If you are not sure about your shoes, just bring a pair of socks.SPECIAL OFFER: We will credit the amount you pay for the class When you purchase your first class package of 8 classes or more… #nyc dance class #tango #tango crash course #tango in nyc #tango lessonsBy completing this booking request, you acknowledge that this is a request that needs to be confirmed by our Partners. Once verified, you will receive a confirmation email. More Info below.

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when: November 16 @ 3pm - 5:30pm
where: Verlocal, 500 8th Ave, Manhattan, NY, 10018 map
category: Argentine Tango



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