Practica Chiquita

Practica Chiquita
Dec 15

Practica Chiquita

The greatest thing about Tango is that it cannot be done through social media So place your phone in your pocket and face the Real Tango World. Just THAT NIGHT for PRACTICA CHIQUITA. WARM UP - SOLO EXERCISES8:30 - 9pm —> The solo exercises at the beginning of the Practica is an individual workout that challenges you and your balance, introduces adornos for both leaders and followers, and works on walks, pivots, rotations, torsions and more. No experience necessary. We promise that if you commit to this part of practica, over time it will work wonders on you. PART 1)9-10:30pm —>The tandas, for education purpose, are built out of 3 arrangements of the same song so you can start memorizing the songs and start recognizing different orchestras. We play the same list for 3-4 weeks, so you have time to let the songs settle in your long memory draw. The practica music is listed on the board by the front door. If you have any questions, want to ask or discuss specific arrangement please feel free to talk to Hernan, who DJs this part of Practica Chiquita. PART 2)10:30-11:30pm —>The tandas are played in the traditional manner arranged by orchestra and/or time period. There are alternative music dance-able cortinas. DJ Grisha vel Oso Russo. Purchase tickets here: [hidden] How to find us: Just follow your soul. More Info below.

when: December 15 @ 8:30pm - 11:30pm
where: Ultimate Tango, 5 High Street, Medford, MA map
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Phone: 781-395-9000
[email protected]
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category: Argentine Tango

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