Brand New Milonga Called "El Inquilinato"!

Brand New Milonga called "El Inquilinato"!
Jan 17

Brand New Milonga Called "El Inquilinato"!

El InquilinatoWeekly Milonga Hosted by Ernest and AnnaThe embrace is close; the music is classic tango; the ronde moves as one!Also the special tango menu is delicious.Bring your own alcohol. Grand Opening Guest DJ Ray BarbosaThis event will continue Every Thursday 9:30-Until$10 EntryLocation Turkish Cuisine2546 W Peterson Ave, Chicago Learn the basics at our Beginner class 7:30-8:30 Price/$10and practice or order food while waiting for the milonga to start at 9:30 In Buenos Aires and Montevideo an Inquinato (aka conventillo) was a tenement building with an open air patio in the middle where poor families of various cultures (of African, European and indigenous descent) lived, socialized and danced. These tenements that can still be seen as tourist attractions in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, were some of the most important places for the birth and consolidation of tango. Call Ernest[hidden]or Anna[hidden] for more information. More Info below.

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when: January 17 @ 9:30pm - January 18 @ 12:30am
where: Turkish Cuisine, 2546 W Peterson Ave, Chicago, il, 60659 map
category: Argentine Tango



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