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Michiana's largest pagan, wicca, & occult destination! See our huge selection of items for Traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, High Magick and many other paths. Artes And Craft - OUR MISSION We steadfastly, obdurately, and pugnaciously refuse to be just another Wiccan and/or New Age shop. My partner and I have been practicing occultists for more decades than we care to say. We run a well-known Alexandrian based coven with a storied lineage (MoonFire), are initiates of OTO and practicing ceremonials, and also well practiced in British Traditional Witchcraft and in Yoruban practices. Although our wares will have a price, our advice and experience will be free. We have now retired from the corporate world to focus on our shop and temple; our careers did at least make it possible for us to travel all over the world. As such we have seen many wonderful stores and products from all over and have a long wish list of everything we would like to bring together under a single roof. Our store will focus on that which is not “every day” or “common or garden”. Our store will be a bazaar of the very best gathered from places such as the wonderfully esoteric Glastonbury, Cornwall, the east and west coast of the USA, the occult markets of Mexico, and more. We have also traveled all over the fair state of Michigan, visiting many a pagan festival and conference. Therefore we will also present the very best of Michigan pagan artisans under our roof. Our local community is important to us, our shop and temple will be a community resource. We will have a large temple room for local groups to use. We hope to include groups and traditions outside our own including any alternative spiritual practices that need a place to gather such as Buddhists, CUPPs, tribal and shamanic groups, and etc. We will host workshops and rituals. We also have a number of consulting rooms for readings, massage, Reiki and more. Supporting our store will directly benefit the pagan community of Michigan. We also hope to bring alternative spiritualities together with a common space to learn about each other in the name of tolerance and in reverence. We will not sell cheap crap made in the sweatshops of China and India beyond that which is absolutely necessary. Our tools and adornments will be hand made from locally gathered Michigan materials. We have our own forge and woodwork shop and will offer hand-made ritual weapons made by experts observing the necessary correspondences and times. Our coven members are all creative artists of one sort or another. We will offer jewelry and home decor such as wreaths and brooms, some made by our own but also by other artisans that we will choose to showcase based on individuality and uniqueness. Those who practice or wish to practice traditional witchcraft will find stangs, staffs, keppens, mazey stones, wish stones, witch hooks, hand forged blades, wind roarers and more. Ceremonial magicians will find ritual weapons suitable for Thelema, Golden Dawn and grimoire magick. We will also have products for Santeria, Yoruba, Voudun and Astatru. Those who like to explore consciousness will find we carry resources and products for Lucid Dreaming, meditation, self-hypnosis and more. We will cover the day to day basic ritual supplies everyone needs, and those items which are for specialist purposes and hard to find. We will be able to supply the beginner… but will also have that which is exotic for the seasoned practitioner and expert. We will carry a range of raw incense ingredients and herbs, including live plants, as well as our own brand of incense blends and anointing oils. Our range of clothing will include Steam-punk, Renaissance and Medieval wear, cloaks and robes, and occult T-shirts. We will sell books, but not just the fluffy and generic mass produced paperbacks you find in a typical store. Our store will showcase books from the Talismatic Publishers - small publishing houses that make limited edition and hard to find books that specialize in Traditional Witchcraft, the High Occult, grimoires and more. We have over six acres of land that was once a tree nursery – so we have an abundance of beautiful trees of many varieties in avenues which we will use to create a labyrinth that will lead to a large open air ritual circle. As we are both ordained ministers with full credentials we will be able to offer handfastings, wiccanings, rites of passage and more either inside or outside depending on the weather and season. We will be a destination. Our ultimate goal is to help pagan Michigan thrive. We invite you to join us! For our events, click here to link to the Artes and Craft calendar!

Map Location
location: 67103 Red Arrow Highway, Hartford, MI
type: Shopping/Retail
category: Religious Book Store, Book Store
phone: (269) 621-2221

Dancing Events at Artes & Craft

  • Moving with the Sacred Muse: An Introduction to Belly Dance
    Moving With The Sacred Muse: An Introduction To Belly Dance
    February 26 @ 4pm - 5:30pm

    Artes & Craft, 67103 Red Arrow Highway, Hartford, MI, 49057

    Fee: $20.00 In this series of workshops, students will learn the basic building blocks of belly dance, as well as connect with their own sense of the feminine ...



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