The Future Direction of Modern Dance The Future Direction of Modern Dance

The Future Direction of Modern Dance

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Modern Dance for Millennial Dancers

Millennial dancers love modern dance that is less traditional and more "message effective." This simply means that the future direction of modern dance may evolve in unparalleled levels of creativity. One thing is certain, static modern dance is out and subtle messages in modern dance are in. Millennials find much accomplishment in modern dance set to contemporary music. With one caveat: The modern music must have a specific point for modern dancers to "sell" in dance movement. Already, millennials are on the move creating their own modern dance companies from former college dance students and semi-professionals. Note the lack of traditional modern dance technique that has been substituted with strictly millennial dance style and modern dance interpretation. 


Millennial Modern Dance Choreography Goes Creative

Millennial modern dance choreography may originate from the landscape younger generations of dancers are most familiar with. One example is imodern dancers emulate a baby's movements using modern dance syllabus.

This is just one way millennial modern dancers are making enormous strides in their choreography and subjects modern dance choreography is based on. Where all of the celebrity style modern dance has been locked into a more regimental style of dance movement, based on ballet, millennials find unique body movements fit neatly into their ideas of choreography. 

A hypothetical modern dance movement may eventually simulate movements of humanoid robots or even mechanical drones. These are already part of the human landscape. The stream of conscious creativity that flows through modern dance choreographers' minds may follow a direction that provides a substantive realism with animation. Already, millennial choreographers have defied gravity in modern dance with seemingly impossible combinations of aerial acrobatics, body contortions and modern dance syllabus.


Where Will Modern Dance Go From Here?

Millennial modern dance may eventually become an ingenious incorporation of various movements like acrobatics, Tai Chi and Yoga with basic modern dance steps like pirouettes performed aerially. Millennial modern dancers know how to push their endurance and movements to the limits of their energy levels, all in a seemingly effortless performance. Coupling these new dance movements with "message effective" music may create a style of choreography that appears over the top in terms of performance. It is also possible that it may result in each dancer in a group making a dance statement in cameo performances. 

The future of modern dance appears to be venturing into new spatial realms as it develops from a standard dance technique to a futuristic dance drama. Note that a modern dance trio can create a defined pattern with the adagio and soloist enhancing the dance theme. The choreography may include aerial movements, using weight sharing and supporting balance for adagio, as well as a solo that exemplifies iconic free-style modern dance. 

aerial movement in modern dance


Hi-tech Modern Dance Props and Visuals

Taking full advantage of hi-tech in modern dance allows choreographers greater leverage in dance motion, visual depth and a wider range of dance props. Modern dance of the future will incorporate color, motion and sound into an explosive emulsion similar to the surrealism famous artists used in their paintings. Modern dance choreographers already use lighting and laser beams to correlate their dancers' motion to music. Some very futuristic modern dance choreographers may find ways to create hi-tech illusions using nothing more than dancers' bodies or limbs. Much of these hi-tech illusions will be plotted by mechanical designers using software applications to create shape and size in balance with dancers, stages and audio/visuals. Modern dancers will need to become more proficient in the use of hi-tech props in dance routines.

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