Opportunities for Modern Dance Performers Opportunities for Modern Dance Performers

Opportunities for Modern Dance Performers

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Modern Dance Dramatics Instruction

In the very early days of modern dance, dancers were not given instructions in facial expressions, the mood of choreography or the technicalities of performing. In its infancy, modern dance was mainly improvisational. Thanks to the hi-tech world of audio/visuals, modern dancers need far more instruction in how best to perform so their dance careers can move ever onward. Many modern dancers enroll in drama classes because they find it of great value to correctly interpret modern dance choreography as it is presented today.

Staging and Casting for Modern Dance Performing and Instructional Videos
in the performing arts are a basic necessity for creating an upwardly mobile dance career. Today's modern dancers often seek a dance coach with celebrity recognition as the first step to a modern dance video. These videos are staged and arranged for instructional purposes and also as part of a dancer's career portfolio for auditions for top modern dance groups and choreographers. Sources of instructional videos are found online and on DVD.

It is possible for former ballet students and modern dancers to enhance their techniques from online videos. It is also possible for them to become modern dance demonstrators in these videos. To do this, study the sources of instructional videos. There are many job opportunities found with the sources. Before attempting to perform modern dance in any video, dancers should learn about staging and casting. This can be done quite easily by attending open rehearsals for modern dance performances or simply by enrolling as an acting extra with a casting company. Dancers should understand the basis of staging modern dance performances. More can be learned about staging from most any dance theater or from studying camera angles, dancers stage placement and movement during filming. Study modern dance technique on training videos. However, from a technical standpoint, watch and study the variations of camera angles as dancers' move. 


Major Modern Dance Opportunities for Modern Dancers

The accent across the dance world is competitions. Nearly every style of dancing is subject to competitions. Some are televised on national TV, which opens opportunities in a much faster way. To present a modern dance in competitions, choose either group or solo choreography. Another opportunity for modern dancers who want to perform may come in the form of taking short-term dance classes at a major modern dance choreographer's studio. These are usually found in New York City or in Hollywood. 

However, there are many summer dance camps offered by well known modern dancers. One of these summer dance camps is held annually at Rutgers University. Celebrity modern dancers often teach these classes. These are excellent and valuable additions to a modern dancer's dance resume and also help the dancer choose which celebrity modern dance technique is preferred. The famous dancer, Alvin Ailey also offers these classes. 


Tie Modern Dance Education to Performance Opportunities

Don't overlook volunteering your time to `. This can also be an ideal opportunity for modern dancers to iron out their technique and to hone their understanding of giving instructions for a future as a choreographer. Volunteer at a local night school or for local summer camps. Ambitious modern dancers always love the idea of starting their own modern dance group to promote their unique modern dance technique and instruction. To start a group, choose a reliable site like a civic or church auditorium or one that is unique, like a public park. Alert local dance schools that you will be offering a special modern dance workshop. This works especially well with local dance schools that do not offer modern dance instruction.

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