Brazilian Zouk And Bachata W/ Deon @ Troy Dance Studio

Brazilian Zouk And Bachata W/ Deon @ Troy Dance Studio
Jun 13

Brazilian Zouk And Bachata W/ Deon @ Troy Dance Studio

I'm back at Troy Dance studio with new offerings for Spring! I'll be offering Brazilian Zouk AND Bachata to give more opportunities for learning and fun. Classes for each month are 4 weeks series covering targeted topics so you can maximize your learning. *Drop in classes are $15 at the door. Please contact the main studio regarding membership rates at Troydancestudio.com. **Pre-Register** You can pre-register here ([hidden]) or call Troy Dance Studio at [hidden] reserve your spot before classes start. ** Schedule** Tuesday -Brazilian Zouk Level 1 @ 7pm- focus on the 8 basic foundations of Zouk focusing on connecting and grounding Wednesday -Bachata level 1 @ 6pm- focus will be on on fundamentals of bachata- connection, turns, ladies styling basics, using the methodology of Ataca y Alemana Thursday -Sensual Bachata level 1 @ 7pm focus on foundations for sensual bachata and body movements; utling the methodology of Korke y Judith Brazilian Zouk Level 2 8pm: Move and groove with a focus on using body movements, isolations, and waves with foundations **About Bachata/ Sensual Bachata** Authentic/ Traditional bachata was created by Dominican social dancer begining in the early 1960s. It has evolved from dancing to slower music with steps inspired by bolereo, to faster music using more footwork, syncopations and rebounding. Sensual bachata was born in Cadiz and founded by Korke and Judith more than 15 years ago, by fusing the sensual style of Brazilian Zouk with the movements of Bachata. The style is based on body expression and dissociation of movements. Today it's one of the most practiced partner dances in the world, and continues to grow day by day. **About Brazilian Zouk** Brazilian Zouk is a partner dance that was originated in Brazil in the early 1990s, and based on Lambada, a dance born from other dances such a as forro, salsa, maxix, carimbo and others. From its inception it was danced to many styles of music sucha as Carribean Zouk, Samba Reggae, Flamenco and more. Today the dance and music have evolved to incorporate R&B, hip hop, pop, and contemporay elements. The dance is characterized by footwork, body movement, head movements, counterbalances, and many other dynamics. Today there's many dances and events all over the world attracting those from all walks of life as it provides one of the most varied social dance experiences. **About the Artist** Deon is an afro-teacher, performer, and choreographer from Michigan. Known for dancing, salsa, bachata, zouk and kizomba, he as been apart of numerous performance teams, in all styles throughout the years. He’s a been certified by some of the most comprehensive programs in brazilian zouk and bachata including the MAC Project by Alex de Carvalho in Zouk, Island Touch by Ataca y Alemana, and Korke y Judith. He's also been a 4x participant of the 100hr Zouk MX program, one of the most comprehensive zouk training programs in the world. He aims to teach people to be complete dancers incorporating connection, body movement, improvisation musicality, and expression. He aims to spread the joy of dance to many others around the world! See less More Info below.

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Phone: (248) 689-3393
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when: June 13 @ 6pm - 7pm
where: Troy Dance Studio, 3536 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI map
price: Free
category: Salsa



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