Luna Arrabalera Tango Encuentro 2025

Luna Arrabalera Tango Encuentro 2025
Feb 20

Luna Arrabalera Tango Encuentro 2025

REGISTRATION FORM [hidden] AFORO LIMITADO - Leader/follower balance PROGRAM Thursday February 20 Class 1 - 19:45-20:45 Natalia Castillo Milonga 21-2hs T Dj OLGA "L a Cachila" Friday, 21st of February Afternoon milonga 12-3pm TDJ Aldana Class 2 - 18:30 -19:30hs Natalia Mariano Class 3 - 19:45-20:45hs Oscar Georgina Milonga night 9pm-2am TDJ Oscar Saturday February 22 Milonga afternoon 12 - 3pm TDJ HANS Class 4 - 6:30 p.m.-7 :30 p.m. Natalia Mariano Class 5 - 19:45-20:45hs Oscar Georgina Milonga night 9pm-2am TDJ ARIEL Sunday February 23 Afternoon milonga 12-3pm TDJ NATALIA Class 6 - 17 :45-18:45hs Oscar Georgina Milonga night 19 -24h TDJ SANDRA TANGO DJ Olga "La Cachila" Aladana Balsi Oscar Mandagaran His Ariel Yuryevic Natalia Castillo Sandra "La Morocha" Milonguera tanda sung by: GEORGINA VARGAS Watch the Video of the 2023 Edition of Luna Arrabalera [hidden] ARIEL YURYEVICH : Silver Sea, Argentina. Based in Palma de Mallorca. Professional DJ, teacher and organizer of the Mallorca Tango Festival. He is characterized by having direct contact with the public, creating, in a round trip, a super tango atmosphere. OLGA "La Cachila": Alicante, Spain. Organizer of the Milonga "La Cachila" at La Casa del Tango in Alicante, dancer and lover of Tango. Her Tandas are very heartfelt and with a lot of passion, achieving a typical Buenos Aires milonguero atmosphere. NATALIA CASTILLO: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Based in Alicante, professional dancer with extensive experience and organizer of events, festivals and meetings. She studied in Buenos Aires with great Tango musicians, transferring her knowledge to tango tracks. HANS KLAASSEN: Leewarden, Paises Bajos. Milonguero, Tango musician and passionate about Rio de la Plata Tango. He participates as a TDJ in different milongas, meetings and festivals. His runs are wonderful and always invite you to go out on the track. ALDANA BALSI: Argentina. Very traditionalist, it follows a line of musicalization typical of Buenos Aires milongas.She was a disciple of Horacio Godoy, an admirer of Carlos Di Sarli and sung tangos. With it on the console you will feel like you are in Buenos Aires. SANDRA "La Morocha": Mar del Plata, Argentina. Based in Alicante and together with Daniel Maronna, they run the house of Tango in Alicante and the Milonga La Morocha. Organizer of multiple events, meetings and festivals. Their 100% traditional tandas transmit the essence of authentic Buenos Aires tango. OSCAR MANDAGARAN: Posadas, Misiones, Argentina. Dj since the early age of 5 years when during family parties he turned the crank of the phonograph...Folkloric dancer, tango and milonguero, licensed teacher with three master's degrees in dance. Great connoisseur and constant musical seeker that leads him to select emotionally rich, energetic and passionate songs just like him. GEORGINA VARGAS: Montevideo, Uruguay. Dancer, teacher, tanguera, milonguera and Tango singer. A follower of the Nina Miranda style, her artistic godmother, she also trained in singing with Alba Solis, Hector de Rosas and Alfredo Montoya who guided her to express the most authentic suburban style of the golden years of Tango. You can see it in action at this link: [hidden] PRICES FULL PASS MILONGAS: (the 7 milongas) Per person 95 As a couple 90 (per person) ARRABALERO PASS (7 milongas + 6 classes) Per person 170 As a couple 165 (per person) PRICE LOOSE MILONGAS Thursday night 20 Friday afternoon 15 night 20 Saturday afternoon 15 night 25 Sunday afternoon 15 night 20 TEACHERS and CLASSES GEORGINA VARGAS OSCAR MANDAGARAN NATALIA CASTILLO Mariano Ot ero Thursday, February 20 7:45 p.m.-8:45 p.m. Natalia Castillo Title to be defined. Friday, February 21 18:30-19:30hs Natalia Castillo Mariano Otero Title to be defined. 19:45-20:45hs Oscar Georgina Title to be defined. Saturday February 22 18:30-19:30hs Natalia Castillo Marian Otero Title to be defined. 19:45-20:45hs Oscar Georgina Title to be defined. Sunday February 23 17:45hs-18:45hs Oscar Georgina Title to be defined. PRICE CLASS ES 1 Class 20 2 Classes 35 3 Classes 50 4 Classes 65 5 Classes 80 6 Classes 90 ARRABALERO PASS (7 Milongas + 6 Classes) 17 0 per person 165 per person as a couple MEETING HOTEL The Meeting will be at the AC HOTEL by MARRIOTT Avenida de Elche 3, 03008 ALICANTE) Warm and comfortable rooms and all the luxuries of a 4-star hotel, and clearly the rooms to be able to do classes and milongas!! Everything in one place so you can relax, enjoy classes, milongas and the company of friends. BOOK THE HOTEL You can reserve the hotel by phone by calling the number below and informing that you are part of the Tango event group in order to access the special group rate that includes breakfast. Telephone 0[hidden]78 E-mail (email) [hidden] always clarifying that he is from the Luna Arrabalera Tango group. OTHER OPTIONS: If you want to stay in another hotel close to the meeting hotel you have the following options: - CAMPANILE HOTEL (the most economical) - Wayteko Boutique Hotel ( - Eurostars Centrum Alicante - AIRBB The nearest airport is ALICANTE-Elche and you can take the C-6 bus to go from the airport to the Hotel, in approximately 22 minutes you will arrive at the hotel and the cost of the ticket is 3.85 THE PHOTOGRAPHER Photographer Miguel Navamuel Fernandez will be present at Luna Arrabalera to photograph your happiest moments during the meeting. Miguel is a very talented photographer, very sensitive and capable of capturing the essence of you during your most milongueros moments. More Info below.

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Phone: 33 7 45319987
[email protected]
when: February 20 @ 9am - January 23 @ 9pm
where: AC Hotel by Marriott Alicante, Avinguda d'Elx, 3, 03008 Alacant, Alicante, Spain map
category: Argentine Tango

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