Dance Class: Ballet Combine Tai Chi Methods

Dance Class: Ballet Combine Tai Chi Methods
Jun 01

Dance Class: Ballet Combine Tai Chi Methods

Click the link to watch the DEMO: [hidden] more information: [hidden] The ballet style dance combination course includes a combination of many styles of dance to achieve specific purposes. It fuses Tai Chi methods and breathing techniques which helps the dancer increase flexibility and balance and results in relaxation. This unique ballet style avoids muscle tension and rigidity one may experience in classical ballet training. With regular practice, the student will experience: Increased flexibility More consistent balance Relaxation through special breathing techniques Fluid and graceful movement A sense of peace Enhanced confidence An overall feeling of health and vibrancy The class begins with a belly dance warm-up, followed by basic ballet practice and combination. we will learn and practice dance choreography designed for performance in each session; We conclude our class with a Yoga Dance for stretching and relaxation. This course has been offered for 4 years in Cary,NC. More information click: [hidden] Open to over 15 years of age, all levels be welcome. Time (Weekly) : Thursday 7:00pm-8:30pm Location: 2166 N Salem St · Apex, NC Suite001 studio 2 🌻$20 Per person prior to class, cash or Venmo or PayPal accepted. Package Price click this link: [hidden] Contact E-mail [hidden] Text: [hidden] More Info below.

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when: June 1 @ 7pm - 8:30pm
where: 2166 N Salem St, 2166 N Salem St, Apex, NC map
price: $20
category: Ballet



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