Grounded: Urban Kiz 4-Week Progressive Series & Social (Level 1a) (Updated!)

Grounded: Urban Kiz 4-Week Progressive Series & Social (Level 1a) (Updated!)
May 31

Grounded: Urban Kiz 4-Week Progressive Series & Social (Level 1a) (Updated!)

Disclaimer: I am just posting these events, and am not an organizer 8:15 to 9:45--> Class 9:45-10:45--> Practica Learning how to dance can help fulfill many practical needs, including increasing Confidence, Coordination, Creativity & becoming a part of a Community! Especially when you commit to a program that lasts several weeks, all four of these needs have the potential to become realized very quickly! Why learn Urban Kiz and Tarraxinha? Urban Kiz is a partner dance that is a beautiful blend of Elegance and Grit. The beauty lies in the tension, from microscopic hits and waves to large traveling ones, this is a dance where connection is everything. It is intense. It is subtle. It is raw and vulnerable and gooey all at the same time! Urban Kiz is great for beginner dancers. Though it is a complex dance, the basic steps are fairly simple so students can have highly enjoyable dances early in their journey! Urban Kiz is super versatile to where many of kiz's key elements and concepts can be used in a variety of other partner dances! (Especially fun when paired with zouk for example!) The music is diverse, ranging from Urban Kiz, to Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Alternative, Ghetto Zouk, Douceur, Tarraxo, Tarraxinha and more! As for Tarraxinha, this is a dance that focuses primarily on hip movement variations. In this series, we will be using the Tarraxinha technique to bring variance to our Kiz basic steps to make them more interesting as well as give us more movement variety during the "quieter" parts of songs ![img]([hidden]) So, come join us for our first 4-week progressive series starting on January 9th, with instructor & host Maddelleine Grae, and see how the power of dance can change your life completely! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What we will cover in our Level 1A Course: • Music: How to recognize the main beat. How to count the music. How to tell the difference between urban kiz, kizomba, and tarraxinha music. How to adjust movement to compliment a song’s energy level & texture. • Proper Posture, Engagement, Frame & Partner Holds. • Connection Techniques (Physical & Non-Physical) • Tarraxinha Basics: Basic 1, Tik-Tok, “Y”, “U”, Circles, Waves, Balance • Kiz Basics: Basic 2, Basic 3, Blocks, Men’s & Woman’s Saidas, Openings & Closings, Retrocesso, Virgula, Cha-Cha Step, Pivots • Key Concepts: Stepping on tempo, Changing Direction, Dance Lines, Changing the line of dance, Accelerations & Decelerations, Compression, Give & Take, and more. • Follower's Technique, Styling, & Expression! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Series Includes: • window after class to ask instructors questions • Resources PDF sent via email with Practice Playlists, History, Dance Etiquette, Shoe Vendors, List of Movements & Concepts, & more • Access to Facebook Group where you can co-ordinate practice with other students, post your questions, and access resource links. • 20% Discount on Semi-Private & Private Lessons • $5 Discount on other SFD Classes & Events ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $80 Full 4-Week Series ($130 if including Brazilian Zouk Progressive) $25 Drop-In (no access to discounts or fb group) $10 Social Only Want to check us out before you buy? Until the end of the year, get this progressive course for $60! OR! Get Both Progressives for $80! ( There is a Zouk one, too) View discussion for details and restrictions! Venmo @SwitchFusionDance and put in the description the event/class/series title and date you will be starting! Looking for discounts? PM me to send you our package deals flyer or register as a volunteer and gain credit to use for your classes! Register as a volunteer here: [hidden] So excited to bring you into the world of Urban Kiz & Tarraxinha! More Info below.

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when: May 31 @ 8:15pm - 10:45pm
where: Limitless Dance Complex, 1735 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA map
price: Free
category: Salsa



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