Cuban Salsa & Rueda De Casino Classes!

Cuban Salsa & Rueda De Casino Classes!
Mar 29

Cuban Salsa & Rueda De Casino Classes!

💃🏼🕺🏼Have you ever tried Salsa? How about CUBAN salsa? Now is your chance to learn this exciting & fun dance! On Wednesday, March 8th, we are offering a Cuban-style Salsa BEGINNER introduction class! The class will start its curriculum from scratch, will be in a dance studio, & will be kept comfortably small to facilitate learning, so IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU HAVE NEVER DANCED! Also, having a partner is not required as we constantly rotate during the class. This format gives you the opportunity to practice your steps with various partners & prepares you for the social dance scene in a safe & pressure-free environment. The teachers, a male & female, teach progressive levels of Cuban Salsa Partner work, also known as Casino & Rueda de Casino - an interactive group dance where there are constant partner exchanges with fun patterns executed in unison! 🇨🇺The new session of Cuban Salsa begins on Wednesday, 3/1! 🇨🇺 ▫️Wednesdays (March 1st - 22nd): 🔹7:00-8:00pm | Absolute Beginner Cuban Salsa - Level 1 This class is for absolute beginners with little to no dance experience & will allow you to develop a strong foundation in Cuban Salsa in an extremely fun, stress-free atmosphere. In each 60-minute class of the four week series, students focus on developing dance fundamentals including rhythm, coordination, balance, & the specific technical aspects of Cuban Salsa, including basic steps & turn patterns, partnering technique, & the fundamental motions of Casino. Students will also learn social dancing etiquette, floorcraft, & partner safety in an extremely warm, relaxed, social & fun environment. 💲PRICE -For First Time members & their guests, 1st Class: ONLY $15, 40% OFF!!! Normally $25 Drop-In! -Level 1 full month package of 4 classes: ONLY $75 - That's 4 classes for the price of 3!!! -Payment in advance encouraged either via Credit Card: [hidden] , Venmo: @Chris-Rogicki , Cash App: $FuakataSalsaNYC , or Zelle/PayPal: [hidden] 📍Adelante Studios 25 W31st Street New York, NY 10001 between Broadway & 5th Avenue 2nd Floor - 3,000 sq ft of Dance Floor 🚇Nearby Subways: 34th St Station on B, D, F, M, N, Q, R, & PATH trains. All classes are taught by both a male, Mark & Chris, & female, Jenny & Nayelli, so women can easily follow another woman while men are following a man at the same time! They have over 23+ years of training, teaching, performing, & traveling to Cuba to collaborate with the very best in the Salsa world. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions: 📨 Chris: [hidden] / 📲 [hidden] For those with previous experience dancing Cuban Salsa, we also offer a Level 1.5/Advanced Beginner class at 7:00pm (the same time as Level 1/Absolute Beginner at 7:00pm & a Level 2/Intermediate class at 8pm. See below: ▫️Wednesdays (March 1st - 22nd): 🔹7:00 - 8:00pm | Advanced Beginner/Improver Cuban Salsa & Rueda de Casino - Level 1.5 This class is for advanced beginners that have completed our 4-week absolute beginner series & further extrapolates from key foundational motions in Cuban Salsa. In each 60-minute class of the four week series, students focus on improving & fine-tuning the core introductory elements of Casino: Exhíbela, Dile que No, Guapea, Enchufla-based patterns, closed & open position transitions, & compositional variations. Rueda de Casino, an interactive group dance involving rapid partner exchanges, will also be introduced with the goal of increasing & fortifying responsiveness in both lead & follow roles, along with spatial orientation & kinesthetic awareness. Upon completion, students will have all the necessary tools to transition to the intermediate level. 🔹8:00 - 9:00pm | Intermediate Cuban Salsa & Rueda de Casino - Level 2 This progressive class is geared for those that have danced Cuban Salsa before & allows you to further solidify, fine-tune, & expand upon the basics covered in both Levels 1 & 1.5. Here is your opportunity to refresh all of the beginning motions at a pace that is comfortable for you while continuing to cement a solid foundation in this exciting, interactive, & fun dance. Students will be able to execute moves at the intermediate level with specific attention to patterns involving both Vacílala & Paséala & their variations. Linear & lateral Guapea footwork patterns will also be introduced. This high-energy class focuses on combinations, leading & following technique, styling, body motion, & fun salsa suelta footwork. Lead better. Follow better. Dance better. 🚨 For our complete schedule & additional info, check out: 🔗[hidden] We look forward to dancing with you! Con Cariño Casinero, Evelyn, Jenny, Nayelli, Nikki, Svetlana Javier, Mark, Ryan, Chris & the Fuákata Crew 🇨🇺 🎶 💃 💥 🕺 🎶 🇨🇺 💻 [hidden] More Info below.

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Phone: 908.601.3415
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when: March 29 @ 4pm - 5pm
where: Adelante studios, 25 W 31st street, New York, NY map
price: $15
category: Salsa
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