Ballet Baby Class @ Jean Ballet School

Ballet Baby Class @ Jean Ballet School
May 23

Ballet Baby Class @ Jean Ballet School

Ballet School children learn in ability appropriate classes and can take Cecchetti graded ballet exams when they are ready. The exams are divided into recreational level standards, (Class exams) QCA recognised Grades and pre-vocational professional level exams. After successfully passing an exam the candidate will receive a report form and a certificate. Ballet exams are optional and recommended and some students may choose not to take them but can still move up with their peers. More Info below.

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Phone: 323-428-4429
[email protected]
when: May 23 @ 5pm - 6pm
where: Jean Ballet School, 3727 W 6th St STE 614, Los Angeles, CA 90020, USA map
price: $110
category: Ballet



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