Morabeza Kizomba Weekend Nairobi 2023

Morabeza Kizomba Weekend Nairobi 2023
Aug 11

Morabeza Kizomba Weekend Nairobi 2023

The Morabeza Kizomba Weekend Nairobi is a 3 day celebration of Kizombas unique African heritage and cultural tourism, with the goal of solidifying regional cooperation in the realm of dance and culture among African countries. ' Morabeza ' (Cabo Verde) is the Portuguese word for hospitality, but it is also a concept that isnt defined in any dictionary, but rather loosely characterized by having a positive disposition and approach towards people and life in general. It is more akin to the Hawaiian word and concept of Aloha. Like Aloha and the spirit it embodies, Morabeza is about love and compassion - indeed a positive way of living and outlook on life. For us, the term Morabeza encompasses a hospitable, relaxed and friendly energy that speaks to the soul of a people. The Morabeza Kizomba Weekend Nairobi translates this energy as a promise of solidarity that prevails in both pleasant and trying times through acts of kindness, love, empathy and hospitality towards one another. We believe that this promise is found in its purest state when we dance Kizomba. In our quest to go through life; communities can sometimes grow competitive and become divided. We are to work together and make ourselves vulnerable with each other to allow the promise of kindness, love, hospitality and friendship to guide in this quest. x! 4 days of dance madness +10 International and Local artists +20 Dance Workshops Top world class Djs Live music concert Themed parties Afternoon socials Music, theory and history workshops City day tours An after Safari to experience the magic that is Kenya. - If you're crazy about experiencing new culture, food, natural scenery and wildlife? Then the safari is for you! s : To be announced! ss : To be announced! - More information about the artists, festival schedule and safari packages to be announced soon! : - ( ) From Airport to Location : Regular Taxi 25 - 30 Uber/Taxify 8 - 15 : All sales are final and Non-Refundable. Passes can however be transfered. For More Information, clarifications and queries kindly contact us on: +254 (0)712 903 338 [hidden] s s s s! More Info below.

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when: August 11 @ 9am - August 14 @ 9pm
where: Nairobi, Kenya map
category: Kizomba

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