Kizmeup Paris Festival 2023

Kizmeup Paris Festival 2023
May 11

Kizmeup Paris Festival 2023

KIZMEUP INTERNATIONAL KIZOMBA FESTIVAL PARIS - ALL IN ONE HTEL: HYATT REGENCY CDG AIRPORT DATE: 11 15 MAY 2023 Take your pass here [hidden] click these links to visit the hotel in one minute [hidden] [hidden] [hidden] CDG 4-star hotel Rooms with the size of 27 m2 Breakfast included in hotel room Pool and jacuzzi Fitness room 300 free parking spaces Located close to the airport Charles de Gaulle ( 5min) free airport-hotel shuttle [hidden] (400 m2): Kizomba Semba Urban kiz Tarraxo Afro World wide music (250m2) Douceur Guetto zouk Kompa And more The two rooms have air conditioning ! - this festival promises to be truly exceptional and promises to be incredible and magnificent. We will welcome you in a place worthy of the event. There are 2 large rooms with a magnificent parquet floor, a bluffing sound system and a perfect composition of light and sound. Take your pass here now [hidden] LINE UP ARTISTS Teachers FRED-NELSON MORGANE ENAH LEBON CHAMALO MIRTY SABER MAJDOULINE JP STEPHY JOSU CELINE AIDEN JANINA ONCLE KANIE TIWOSH DORIANE SK MARIA KIZOMBA DJs DJ ZAYX DJ SAISAI DJ ICHIGO DJ CHAD NICE LIFE DJ VALET DJ LEDA DJ KIN DJ LOWELO DJ LE GRAND TI-WOSH GENERAL PROGRAM THURSDAY : PRPARTY 20H00 - 01H00 : REGISTRATION 20H00 - 22H00 : WORKSHOP 22H00 - 03H00 : KIZOMBA PARTY FRIDAY 14H00 - 19H00 : REGISTRATION 15H00 - 20H00 : SOCIAL ROOM 21H00 - 1H00 : REGISTRATION 21H00 - 23H00 : WORKSHOPS 23H00 - 07H00 : PARTYS SATURDAY 13H00 - 19H00 : REGISTRATIONS 13H00 - 17H00 : WORKSHOPS 15H00 - 20H00 : SOCIAL ROOM 20H00 -21H00 : THE ARTIST PERFORM contest 21H00 - 23H00 : WORKSHOPS 23H00 - 07H00 : PARTYS SUNDAY 13H00 - 19H00 : REGISTRATION 13H00 - 16H00 : WORKSHOPS 14H00 - 20H00 : SOCIAL ROOM 21H00 - 22H00 : WORKSHOP 22H00 - 6H00 : PARTYS TICKETING AND PRICES WEEZEVENT LINK [hidden] CONTACT INFO Instagram : kizmeupoff Facebook page : KIZ ME UP e-mail: adancestudio28 @ gmail.com PLACE OF THE EVENT Htel Hyatt Regency Paris - Charles De Gaulle Adress : 351 Av. du Bois de la Pie, 95912 Roissy-en-France More Info below.

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when: May 11 @ 9am - May 15 @ 9pm
where: HYATT REGENCY Paris - Charles de Gaulle, 351 Av. du Bois de la Pie, 95700 Roissy-en-France, France map
category: Kizomba

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