Kiz War Lll 2023

Kiz War Lll 2023
Mar 30

Kiz War Lll 2023

KIZ WAR 3 After the success of the 1st et 2sd edition .. we are happy to announce the dates of edition IIl We couldn't stop there !! Notes quickly, blocks and save the Dates : From 30 March to 03 April2022 We will have warned you !!! Only acknowledgment : WAR! Group of Kiz War join us [hidden] [hidden] Edition 3 promises to be beyond your expectations .. Only Watchword : The War of Steps A LineUp of choice that will remain in the image of the event Ghetto Zouk, Urban Kiz, Tarraxo, Afro, Douceur We never repeat it enough: KIZ WAR from the first edition has become the essential landmark of dancers Urban Kiz and Tarraxo! To try it is to adopt it Ticketing : Possibility of payment in three payment [hidden] Shop on Line [hidden] Find us with a crazy team but especially crazy artists! Djs Artistes : -DJ Ichigo -DJ Diablo -DJ Lowelo -DJ Chad -DJ Neiken -DJ JDN -DJ Madmo -DJ Tha Sick -DJ Laak Teachers : Rvan Juliette (Tarraxo) Brandon (Afro) Sad MC (Urban kiz ) Franois Maria (Urban kiz) Yami Marta (Kizfusion) Paulina (Lady Styling ) Barbara Ritchie (Afro) Laho Leone Ichigo (Atelier Chore) Mike Serbin Elodie (Urban kiz ) Style K Clo (Urban kiz ) To feast @papanacrepe The artist of the sweet / salted pancake still answers present ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHE ET VIDEASTE : -Insensation tldr -Babou One shot TAXIS DANSEURS : -Team Yakiz -Team Mana Kiz -Team So Dancer -Team Danceur CREW -Team Sasa -Team Kizz 360 -Team Rebirth CREW FOR YOUR CONFORT : without forgetting for your comfort : -BBQ Party - FREE cloakroom - Soft at will! (social) - Air conditioning !!! - 500 m of track !!! - Free Parking -Massage and wellness stand - Shuttles FREE (hotelsfestival) MORE INFOMATION: Preparty : 30 March Event planning: Day 1Friday 31/01 April 2023 9pm-10pm Workshop 10pm-11pm Workshop 11pm-00 Show 00 - 6am Party night Day 2 Saturday 01/02 April 2023 1pm-2pm Workshop 2pm-3pm Workshop 3pm-7pm Sociale Birthday Dj Chad / milie Skb / Nanou BBQ Party by Titi Urbano 9pm-10pm Workshop 10pm-11pm Workshop 11pm-00h To show Battle Kiz Comptition with Sad MC 00h -6am Party night Day 3Sunday 02/03 April 2023 1pm-2pm Workshop 2pm-3pm Workshop 3pm-7pm Sociale BBQ Party by Titi Urbano 9pm-10pm Workshop 10pm-11pm Workshop 11pm-6am : Party Night DRESS CODE KIZ WAR MAN WOMAN : - FRIDAY (31): Top Gun - SATURDAY : Full Urban -SUNDAY : Full Flowers For an unprecedented step battle Sign up for this competition with Sad DStreet Mr battle kizz who will animate this crazy Battle Kiz Please contact on facebook: Kizz Waarr To register ! Registration details : -Be 2 people -Have an entrance ticket each no matter which one for Saturday 200 cash prize to be won and rewards This Festival will be yours !! Event Adress : 13 rue des petits ruisseaux Verrieres le buisson 91370 Transports accommodation near : Transports : Orly airport Station Massy-Tgv - Hotels : Shuttles free will be available from hotel F1 and BB to the festival -Hotel 1: F1 Hotel address: 12 rue Maryse bastie Igny (With shuttle) -Hotel 2: BB Hotel address: 37 rue Maryse Basti Igny ( With shuttle) More Info below.

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Phone: 1162577437
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when: March 30 @ 9am - April 3 @ 9pm
where: 13 Rue des Petits Ruisseaux, 91370 Verrières-le-Buisson, France map
category: Kizomba

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