11th Annual Argentine Tango Immersive Bootcamp

11th Annual Argentine Tango Immersive Bootcamp
Sep 22

11th Annual Argentine Tango Immersive Bootcamp

Registration and additional information at: [[hidden] Come join us for a focused series of Argentine Tango lessons! These 8 evenings of lessons that are fun and intensive! Beginner lessons the first part of the camp and intermediate the last part. Schedule as follows: 1\. Fri\, 16 Sep: 7:30 – 9:30 pm\, Level I \(0\-4 months experience/ Beginner\)\- Walks in Parallel\, Rock Step\, Outside Partner Leading essentials 2\. Sat\, 17 Sep: 3:30 – 6:30 pm\, Level I\- Crusada\, Cortada\, Forward Ochos\, Good back walks 3\. Sun\, 18 Sep: 1:30 – 3:30 pm\, Level I/II \(0\-8 months experience\) Cross system intro; Back Ochos\, Twist Turn\, Rotational Boleos 4\. Tue\, 20 Sep: 7:30 – 9:30 pm\, Level I/II \(Last day of Level I series\, Level II continues\)\- Sacadas\, 8\-step “basic” applications\, Review 5\. Thu\, 22 Sep: 7:30 – 9:30 pm\, Level II/III \(4\-8 months experience/ Beg II/Intermediate\)\-Tango Waltz\, Linear Boleos\, Ganchos\, Barridas \(sweeps\) 6\. Fri\, 23 Sep: 730\-930\, Level II/III \(Beg II\-Intermediate\)\- Intro to Milonga style\, Milonga syncopations; El Gato\, review of camp so far 7\. Sat\, 24 Sep\, 3:30\- 6:30 pm\, Level III \(Intermediate\)\- Milonga style; Tango Vals\, Musicality\, Rebotos\, Enrosques\, More Barridas\, Volcadas 8\. Sun\, 25 Sep: 1:30\-3:30\, Level III \(Intermediate\) Colgada/Volcada\, Linear/Rotational boleo combos; Milonga; Camp review No partner/previous experience needed for beginner track (level 1). Experience required for level 2 and level 3 tracks. You may register for four days (recommend picking level I, II, or III), six days (two levels), or for intermediate dancers, up to the whole eight day camp. -Please note that first time beginners should try to attend the first four days of the camp. Every year we teach different movements and repeat core movements. Repeat to master! More Info below.

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Tips: How to find us: http://dancesportendurance.com/11th-annual-tango-immersion/. More Info
when: September 22 @ 7:30pm - October 1 @ 3:30pm
where: McLean Sport&Health, 1800 Old Meadow Rd, McLean, VA, 22102, US map
category: Argentine Tango




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