Angels Of Tango 2023

Angels Of Tango 2023
Apr 07

Angels Of Tango 2023

After 10 years of tango, we wanted to create a very special group, inviting our best "Angels Of Tango" friends to join us. This group will be, for us and for those who belong to us, a sign of gratitude to those who have shared a special embrace during an event. Whether it is a milonguero embrace or not, it doesn't matter because what matters is that, at the end of each tanda, we have thought to embrace an angel of tango. This is what we strongly want and this group will be, for us and for you, the next "PARADISE". Each member will be entitled to present his better Angels, simply remembering that paradise is not so crowded. We are happy to say that we are preparing a very special event for you. Join us, Angels! More Info below.

when: April 7 @ 9am - April 10 @ 9pm
where: 63900 Fermo, Province of Fermo, Italy map
category: Argentine Tango

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