Berlin Encuentro Milonguero

Berlin Encuentro Milonguero
Nov 18

Berlin Encuentro Milonguero

It was definitely hard to find a name for this event. For me, it is not a tango marathon, even I don't know exactly what a Encuentro Milonguero is, because in my country neither of the two options exist. But, what we want to have in Berlin, is a Meeting or Encuentro (as its word says) of milongueros, but, above all, a meeting of milonguero friends in Berlin, and this would be exactly the definition of the event. In this meeting we have some very strict rules to comply with and they are: enjoy with friends until the sun rises, to go to rest and come back to enjoy with friends and tango, again. Dance until break your shoes. drink until you don't lose your balance and if you lose it, it doesn't matter. Enjoy the weekend as if it were the last. Have a good vibe always.(because everybody have problems, as a form of therapy, leave them outside and come in to enjoy with friends) Dance like in Buenos Aires, "al piso", without boleos and with very short steps because we have a beautiful place, but it is not very big. Hug in the most beautiful way because 1 tango it's only 3 minutes. Give thanks to the life, that we have the opportunity to dance. If you are prepared to comply with these rules, you can register! Venue Ballhaus Wedding The Ballhaus Redding in the middle of Berlin is a truly wonderful place. Built in 1889, this ballroom has already experienced different times and guests. In the constant change of the decades, Traces buried that suggest that this Ballhaus has seen a lot. With its more than 350 square meters, which are spread over several rooms next to the ballroom, the Ballhaus Wedding offers a wide variety of uses and space for spend time with friends after tandas. The cozy fireplace room is the chill lounge in the Ballhaus, which invites you to linger. [hidden] Best DJ Team ever: Giuseppe Clemente - Italy, Rome - Digital Set Punto y Branca - Argentina, Milano - CD Set Sussana Arbitrio - Italy, Rome - Vinyl Set Maria Mondino - Argentina, Berlin - Digital Set Gaston Godoy - Argentina, Seville - Vinyl Set Guillermo Monti - Argentina, Berlin - Vinyl Set Registration to BERLIN ENCUENTRO MILONGUERO 2022 will be as individually indicating the name of the partner, if you have and filling out the registration form. THE REGISTRATIONS WILL OPEN ON 01/07/2022 00:00 am We will accept a total of 100 registrations. [hidden] More Info below.

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when: November 18 @ 9am - November 20 @ 9pm
where: Ballhaus Wedding, Wriezener Str. 6, 13359 Berlin, Germany map
category: Argentine Tango

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