Harlem Experience: Tuesdays Swing With A Lindy Hop Class!

Harlem Experience: Tuesdays Swing with a Lindy Hop Class!
Apr 26

Harlem Experience: Tuesdays Swing With A Lindy Hop Class!

ON TUESDAY'S HARLEM SWINGS! Tuesday Swing Dance Class - 1 hour. 7pm - 8pm, for Only $10 ! ​ 17yrs and Younger are FREE A GREAT Taste of Harlem Culture! Harlem's most famous dance is the Lindy Hop, partially derived from the Charleston of the 1920's. While a near 100 year old dance it is still enjoyed enormously today worldwide - as far as parts of Africa! Come on and join us on Tuesday eves at 7pm when you can experience and learn this exciting cultural dance art form. You'll hear some swinging jazz classics and how to do this swinging dance to some music of today too. FREE for students 17yrs and younger; 12yrs and under must be accompanied by an older person. COVID PROTOCOLS Masks are mandatory and also social distancing; have your proof of vaccination. Any further questions or concerns contact The Harlem Swing Dance Society (THSDS) at 347 - 709 - 7022. Same day and/or last minute updates due to weather, etc please see our Facebook page by 6:00pm. See YOU soon! More Info below.

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Phone: 347 709 7022
[email protected]
Tips: You experience and learn Harlem's signature cultural dance of the Lindy Hop and its rich history!.
when: April 26 @ 7pm - July 26 @ 8pm
where: Lt. Joseph P Kennedy Community Center, 34 West 134 Street, New York, NY New York, USA map
price: $10
category: Swing




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