Focusedbal Open Practice Session At Studios 797

Focusedbal Open Practice Session At Studios 797
Jun 20

Focusedbal Open Practice Session At Studios 797

Structure of the practice involves open QA and the sharing of drills to improve skill, but everyone should come with 2-3 topics they want to work on. You may come alone or with a partner. You may also work alone, or with anyone in the group. Suggested rotation of partners might happen intermittently (maybe around every 20-30mins), but you are not required to swap if you have something specific youd like to continue working on with a particular partner. This is an open and caring environment for feedback and learning. Lead the conversation with empathy and patience. Suggested ways to phrase feedback might be: 1. Can we try? 2. How does this feel? 3. I feelduring. 4. What do you think about? PRICING 10 for the 2 hour practice session. (Team members costs are already covered/included in team fees). Payment to Venmo : @yurina-shin / Paypal : [hidden] or cash REMINDERS If there are any concerns about behavioral or safety issues, please reach out directly to Yurina or Audrey. As a courtesy to everyone, please review the following points as a part of recommended hygiene practices for social dance and/or practice. Please note we are striving to create a caring and inclusive environment for everyone regardless of age, physical ability and differences, race, gender or identity. By everyone making an effort with these hygiene guidelines, we hope to create a pleasant and comfortable environment for all: 1. Remember to shower and keep up with personal hygiene practices. 2. Wear a clean shirt/top. 3. Wear deodorant. 4. Bring clean back up shirt(s)/top(s) to change into as needed. 5. Use a breath freshener as needed should you be unmasked. At your own discretion, self checks are encouraged and supported We care about you all and champion building self awareness for our scene More Info below.

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[email protected]
when: June 20 @ 8pm - 10pm
where: Studios 797, 797 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019, USA map
price: $10
category: Swing



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