2022 Philadelphia Tango Festival

2022 Philadelphia Tango Festival
Jun 02

2022 Philadelphia Tango Festival

❤️ The 2022 Philadelphia Tango Festival offers four days of pure celebration and overflowing love: for tango dancing, for tango music and for the tango community. ❤️ 💚 It highlights the contributions of women in tango with an all-female teaching cast, offering a rich diversity of workshop topics aimed at all genders, levels and roles: 👉 CARLA MARANO & PHI LEE LAM 👉 INES MUZZOPAPPA & GABY MATALONI 👉 MICHELLE LAMB 👉 REBECCA RORICK SMITH 🎶 It celebrates the renaissance of new and live tango music, presenting four different bands, with both seated concerts and electrifyingly danceable music for the milongas: ✅ JUAN VILLARREAL & PATRICIO CROM (for the 1st time in the U.S.!) ✅ TANGO WITH WINNIE (presenting an all-female tango quartet) ✅ The ROMO-AGRI-MESSIEZ Trio ✅ The TIPICA MESSIEZ, making its first appearance since the sky fell 💙 It features (mostly) female DJs: 👉 TINE HERREMAN 👉 CAROL HOROWITZ 👉 REBECCA RORICK SMITH 👉 KERRY KAY 👉 CRAIG HERRINGTON (who will DJ and host the after-party milonga) ❤️ It goes beyond tango dance and music to explore and celebrate tango as a culture and community. In addition to all the workshops & milongas you would expect, its richly diverse offerings include: ✅ Filmmaker YAEL SZMULEWICZ will be showing and leading discussions on tango documentaries. ✅ Panel discussions will explore important & current topics in the tango community. ✅ Yoga classes with three great teachers will help us maintain our bodies inside the intensity of the festival. Our yoga teachers are greatly beloved by the tango community: CAROLYN MERRITT, MONICA MOYA & REBECCA RORICK SMITH. ‼️ Please plan to join us in Philadelphia, June 2-5! ‼️ 👉 WEBSITE: [hidden] 👉 SCHEDULE: [hidden] 👉 REGISTRATION: [hidden] More Info below.

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Phone: 6172913798
[email protected]
Tips: Celebrating women's contributions in tango, and with live music every night!.
when: June 2 @ 8pm - June 6 @ 3am
where: Lithuanian Music Hall, 2715 East Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, USA map
price: $400
category: Argentine Tango

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