Belgrade Tango Encuentro - Festival And Marathon

Belgrade Tango Encuentro - Festival and Marathon
May 04

Belgrade Tango Encuentro - Festival And Marathon

Tango Natural is perhaps the largest tango organization in Europe! This means that your dance progress and atmosphere at classes and dance events is taken care of by a team of 10 full-time employees and ten 'parttime' instructors and assistants ... ... that within our school you can meet and dance with hundreds of people of all generations ... ... and at our events, with thousands of tangeros from all over the world (only Belgrade Tango Encuentro is visited by dancers from almost 70 countries around the world!) ... ... that you can start your tango adventure at any time, in a beginner group with the optimal number of members, whether you come alone or in company. that you will really dance in those classes. Guaranteed! :) And how much you need, read here: [hidden] koliko-mi-treba-da-naucim-tango/ This also means that you can choose between regular enrollment (for all generations) or groups that are part of special projects: Free tango schools for high school students, Tango 26 groups (for young people under 26) and some other special groups ... ... and you can speed up your dance progress at additional workshops (Tango of Power, Basic Technique, Male and Female Technique, Musicality, Milonga, Decorations ...), seminars for couples ... More Info below.

when: May 4 @ 9am - May 11 @ 9pm
where: Resavska 28, Beograd 11000, Serbia map
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Phone: 381 64 2421129
[email protected]
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category: Argentine Tango

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