Tango Argentin Golfe Du Morbihan

Tango Argentin Golfe du Morbihan
Jul 03

Tango Argentin Golfe Du Morbihan

The GOLFE DU MORBIHAN International Tango Festival is an educational and festive summer event of the dance pole of L'ATELIER 17, with quality cultural actions, high-level professional artists, around Argentine tango: dance, music, painting, show, concerts, cinema, conference, milongas, shows, courses, workshops, masterclass, exhibition, photography, video, stands Dance workshops + Dance masterclass + Orchestra masterclass to train in Milongas technique and style + Despedidas to apply, s '' train and practice this social dance of creativity and improvisation Shows by maestros + Concert by teachers to savor the outcome of educational work Cinema + Conference debateto learn and cultivate Concerts + Shows + Flash mob for a festive pedagogy And other surprises Argentinian Tango Festival GOLFE DU MORBIHAN 2021 from July 3 to 11 is ... - 6 MASTERCLASS CARLOS MIRELLA 8-9-10- July 11 - 4 WORKSHOPS Christian BROCHE July 3-4 - 5 SHOWS CARLOS MIRELLA July 8-9-10 - 4 MILONGAS July 4-9-10-11 - Flash Mob OPEN AIR July 8 - Cinema TANGO NEGRO, les African roots of tango by DOM PEDRO from Angola July 8 - Georges GALOPA conference Tango, the expression of an injury July 8 - TANGO'S COPE musical July 6 - CLASSICAL CABARET Trio concert July 7 - Concert TANGO LIBRE TRIO July 10 - Instrument workshop ORCHESTRA TANGO LIBRE TRIO July 9-10 - PAINTING workshop V. SCHWARTZ-GRIN July 5-6-7 More Info below.

when: July 3 @ 9am - July 11 @ 9pm
where: Gulf of Morbihan, France map
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Phone: 06 32 58 14 69
[email protected]
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category: Argentine Tango

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