West Coast Swing Classes (All Levels Welcome!)

West Coast Swing Classes (all levels welcome!)
Aug 05

West Coast Swing Classes (All Levels Welcome!)

Learn West Coast Swing every Wednesday at You Should Be Dancing Studio ([hidden])! Listed price ($26) is per 1-hour class! See prices at bottom for package options. West Coast Swing is the incredibly smooth, elastic-looking partner dance that continues to grow in popularity for its versatility. Danced to R&B, pop, hip-hop, blues, and even club music, this dance style continues to evolve with its audience and the popular music scene. Check out Sophie, instructor at You Should Be Dancing, dancing West Coast Swing: [hidden] Beginner Level PART ONE with Ken & Paula (7:00pm) This introductory course requires little or no prior dance experience. Students will learn how to lead or follow basic West Coast Swing patterns, with attention given to footwork, partnering, and timing. Part Two will be offered in the following month. Intermediate Level with Sophie (7:00pm) Before taking this course, students should be executing a variety of West Coast Swing patterns with strong lead/follow technique, good footwork, and excellent timing. More advanced patterns will be introduced with syncopated footwork and alternative connection points between partners, further developing students’ lead/follow ability and understanding of timing. Pre-Intermediate Level with Sophie (8:00pm) This course requires that students know the West Coast Swing basic patterns (sugar push, left side pass, right side pass, and whip), and have a strong foundation in West Coast Swing timing and partnering. Variations on the basic patterns will be introduced and combined to create simple sequences, and students will continue to develop lead/follow technique, partnering skills, timing, and dance floor etiquette. Advanced Level with Exenia (8:00pm) Students must be comfortable dancing to blues music and should be able to demonstrate clean anchor steps/anchor technique. A clear understanding of push, pass, and whip technique is absolutely necessary. It is not recommended to drop in, as this class will build each week across the 4-week series. This class will address advanced connection drills, pattern variations, and quality of movement. Pricing: $26 drop-in rate for one level/class (e.g. beginner level at 6:30pm) $100 for 4 weeks of one level (e.g. 4 weeks of beginner level at 6:30pm) Inquire at front desk about 5 and more class punch cards. Join us for a West Coast Swing party 9:15pm - Midnight! See the dedicated Meetup event for more details. More Info below.

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Phone: 212-244-0011
How to find us: Press #6 at the door and join us on the 4th floor. More Info
when: August 5 @ 7pm - 9pm
where: You Should Be Dancing Studio/Club 412, 412 8th Ave & 31st St, 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10011, US map
price: $26
category: Salsa



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