Argentine Tango Beginners Class

Argentine Tango Beginners Class
Jul 12

Argentine Tango Beginners Class

Please do not pay attention to number of RSVP's on meet up. This class is ongoing every week with about 20 to 35 people each week. We get attendees from all over not just meet up. This fun class is recommended for people who have never taken tango lesson before, or for people with little experience in tango. you do not need a partner t attend this class. It is a friendly, fun environment where you meet new people and socialize. In this class you will learn the general technique for walking and pivots. We teach technique in the context of simple sequences that are common in social dancing. The emphasis will be on connection with partner and hearing the beat of tango music. In this class we will work on: Posture, balance, and basic techniques The embrace (open version) Fundamentals of connection, and leading & following Walking, weight changes and rock-steps Parallel versus Cross-system Front ocho & Back ocho The basic step Rock step Principles of navigation and tango etiquette Leading and following fundamentals No partner needed! It is a friendly, fun environment where you meet new people and socialize. More info: Nasrin Barmaki[hidden] [hidden] More Info below.

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How to find us: www.Tangoamor.com. More Info
when: July 12 @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm
where: Clique Dance Studio, 2385 Midway Road, Carrollton, TX, US map
price: $15
category: Argentine Tango



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