Practica Chiquita

Practica Chiquita
Jul 07

Practica Chiquita

Once you have the basics of Tango down, it’s time to work on developing your skills. Our practice sessions do just that. PART 1) 8:30-9pm -> Solo Exercise the Carlitos Perez way. Work on your balance, your musicality, and introduce new elements. Essentially, get ahead and improve yourself so the partnership can be improved. PART 2) 9-10:30pm -> DJ Hernan. The tandas, for education purpose, are built out of 3 arrangements of the same song so you can start memorizing the songs and start recognizing different orchestras. We play the same list for 3-4 weeks, so you have time to let the songs settle in your long memory draw. The practica music is displayed on the computer screen. PART 3) 10:30-11:30pm -> DJ Grisha vel Oso Ruso. The tandas are played in the traditional manner arranged by orchestra and/or time period. There are alternative music dance-able cortinas and /or alternative tandas. $7 drop in; $50 for 10 sessions Practica may not happen on certain weeks because of holidays or special events. Look at bostoncalendar.com or call (781)[hidden] to check if it is happening. More Info below.

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How to find us: Ultimatetango.com. More Info
when: July 7 @ 8:30pm - 11:30pm
where: Ultimate Tango, 5 High Street, Medford, US map
category: Argentine Tango



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