Advanced Course 1 @ Salsahh

Advanced Course 1 @ Salsahh
Apr 25

Advanced Course 1 @ Salsahh

When I came to Hamburg to study in 1990, I had no plans to become one of the most famous and successful salsa teachers in Hamburg one day. I grew up in the metropolis of So Paulo as the son of a Bolivian father and a Brazilian mother. But it was my Colombian friends here in Hamburg who encouraged me to take the first steps in 1992 - and thus got me started. I have been dancing salsa intensively for many years now. In countless workshops, at salsa festivals, congresses and with individual lessons, I continued my education in various salsa styles. I can teach several and I also enjoy combining them. In class it is important to me to break down a figure into its individual elements in such a way that it is very easy to understand. Late 1890s, Cuba. As a colonial power, Spain still held its rule over Cuba, slaves imported and exported from Africa, miners and farmers from its Spanish homeland, and also did everything else that does not necessarily make an occupier a welcome guest. Since complaining was very reluctant to be seen by the occupiers, the suffering population was forced to express themselves through dance and music in order to tell about their suffering, their dreams and longings. And so, together with imported influences from Africa and Spain and the original Cuban music, one of the most important rhythms in world history emerged: the Son Cubano. Over time, music and dance developed, became more diverse and colorful and continued to grow thanks to the lively cultural exchange with the American mainland. In 1962, however, an economic embargo in the USA ended the exchange with the small Caribbean state. In the following years, Cuban music developed independently in Cuba and in the United States. In the USA, the jazzy salsa came into being in its various forms, while the Cubans remained true to their original roots for a long time (Salsa Casino, Son Cubano). More Info below.

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Phone: 179-479 69 20
[email protected]
when: April 25 @ 10pm - 11pm
where: Salsahh, Hohenesch 3/17, 22765 Hamburg, Germany map
category: Salsa



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