Beginner Salsa New York Style On1

Beginner Salsa New York Style On1
Apr 25

Beginner Salsa New York Style On1

We mainly teach the New York Style on1 (emphasis on the first beat of the music) up to the F1 level. In the F2 level we teach on2 (emphasis on the second beat of the music). For the fixed (beginner course, advanced course 1 and advanced course 2) and crash courses, please make a binding registration here ! Then You go into the open system of intermediate levels 1 and 2 and advanced 1 and 2 courses. Classification provided (if interested, please contact us to make an appointment), entry is possible here at any time. DANCE DESCRIPTION The origin is in Cuba, in the Son Cubano . In the early 1970s, this and other Caribbean rhythms met American jazz. In the social focus of the Barrio - a neighborhood of New York inhabited by Latinos - the elements melted into an explosive mix. The Salsa was born - which means nothing other than sauce in Spanish. The name was actually intended as an advertising stunt, because the salsa consisted of so many different ingredients - at that time there were also other Latino rhythms like Cha-Cha-Ch, Bolero, Charanga, Guajira, etc Nowadays, salsa is danced all over the world and there are salsa congresses or festivals almost every week where salseras and salseros meet to exchange and dance. The zest for life of the barrio and the fiery tension of the salsa were lost on their way around the world, but never. In the New York Style Salsa as we teach it, the man presents the woman and gives her a lot of freedom to present herself. He is strong and caring at the same time. She follows him, but is confident and sexy. It forms the frame of the picture that she paints with her body while dancing. Depending on the music that accompanies her, and on the song to which she is moving, men and women create a new game each time, in which both at the same time give and take. More Info below.

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Phone: 179-479 69 20
[email protected]
when: April 25 @ 10pm - 11pm
where: Salsahh, Hohenesch 3/17, 22765 Hamburg, Germany map
category: Salsa



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