Lady Salsa Dance @ Salsastyle

Lady Salsa Dance @ Salsastyle
Jul 13

Lady Salsa Dance @ Salsastyle

During these days and hours, you can come to the course with your dance partner to practice and refine the elements and figures . In this article we explain some necessary basics with which you can bring your learned steps and movements into line with the rhythm of salsa music as quickly as possible. We specifically target those who have no background knowledge of dance and salsa music. Here we try to explain why dance classes count. Whether salsa and bachata is learned or standard Latin it is always counted There are several salsa dance styles. Here I try to explain the difference between the two main dance styles. The Cuban style and the one on the line . .. More Info below.

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Phone: 0176 - 82 21 74 91
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when: July 13 @ 8:30pm - 9:30pm
where: Salsastyle, Roelckestraße 72, 13086 Berlin, Germany map
category: Salsa



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