Wednesday Salsa Social Dance @ Zapatissimo

Wednesday Salsa Social Dance @ Zapatissimo
Apr 24

Wednesday Salsa Social Dance @ Zapatissimo

Doors open at 8:30 p.m.. Admission for free Social Salsa and Bachata exercise time-Time to practice. Dance start at 8:55 p.m. Please do not bring your own drinks Thanks!!! Before the Social: ; Salsa Cuban Open Classes: Beginners 6:00 p.m.// Beginners with knowledge: 7 p.m.// Light Intermediate: 8:00 p.m. No partners required. Open class price: 12. /// With Zapatissimo Card (Valid in Clrchens Ballhaus Bachata and Salsa fridays too): 9.90. /// Trial lesson: 5 /// USC Members are welcome. Address: Saln Zapatissimo: Kolonnen Str. 29 10829 Commercial Entrance(Commercial Entrance: walking by Park SlotsPlease bell here on the Zapatissimo button, otherwise it will not open the largest glass door in the Backyard ) Staircase 2 Ground floor on the left side of the third back yard. Berlin Schoeneberg. More Info below.

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Phone: (+49) 17620470772
[email protected]
when: April 24 @ 9:30pm - April 25 @ 2am
where: Zapatissimo Dance School, Kolonnenstraße 29, 10829 Berlin, Germany map
price: $12
category: Salsa



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