Salsa Advanced @ Ottawa Latin Souls

Salsa Advanced @ Ottawa Latin Souls
May 30

Salsa Advanced @ Ottawa Latin Souls

Salsa Passionate. Energetic. Lively. Salsa is the most well-known of the Latin social dances. It has a rich cultural history and a tremendously popular following. Jeff is a passionate dancer who has trained in various schools across both Canada and the U. S. Throughout his 12 year long dance journey. Jeff has had the amazing fortune of meeting some truly wonderful individuals, learned many valuable life lessons, and laughed harder and had more fun than what is considered appropriate in polite society. His dream is to share more of these moments with many more people. As an instructor, Jeff is known for his patience, empathy, and ability to balance instilling technical knowledge with keeping classes fun and accessible. He is also the master of horrible, eye-gouging puns, so you know you are always in for a good time. Ottawa Latin Souls (OLS for short) is built on the philosophy that anyone is able to experience the joys of Latin dance. We are a dance school that focuses on creating capable and confident social dancers who can jump into the growing Ottawa Latin dance community ASAP. We also aim to provide a safe space for self-exploration, growth, and social interaction. It is our belief that no matter your age, physical challenges or limitations, as long as you bring your soul to the dance floor, you can dance both salsa and bachata while having an amazing time! More Info below.

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Phone: 343-297-3861
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when: May 30 @ 12pm - 1pm
where: Routhier Community Centre, 172 Guigues Ave, Ottawa, ON K1N 7H5, Canada map
category: Salsa



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