Salsa On2 - Level 1 (Mambo / Ny Style) With Soul & NadèGe @ Studio X Ottawa Inc.

Salsa On2 - Level 1 (Mambo / Ny Style) With Soul & Nadège @ Studio X Ottawa Inc.
Nov 01

Salsa On2 - Level 1 (Mambo / Ny Style) With Soul & NadèGe @ Studio X Ottawa Inc.

Class description: The Salsa on 2 - Level 1 class is designed for Intermediate on 1 dancers (and up). No Salsa on2 experience required. Salsa on 2, commonly referred to as Mambo, is a style of salsa first introduced in New York in the 1960s. Mambo earned popularity through a New York club named The Palladium. Today, the most popular Mambo version is called New York On 2 style created and popularised by Eddie Torres who is also regarded as The Mambo King. Mambo is now seeing a popularity rise around the world with strong influencers and renowned dancers like Adolfo Indacochea, who is the successor of Eddie Torres. Studio X Ottawa is is the first, and only dance studio in Ottawa to offer structured and progressive World Mastery syllabus from various world renown instructors, including Adolfo Indacochea Mastery program which enable you to learn Salsa on2 through a methodology tailored by this Mambo master. Please Note that the Studio has a no outdoor shoes policy, so you need to bring another pair of shoes to change in when you get inside the Studio : -) Please make sure to indicate if you wish to register as a leader or a follower (traditionally, the leaders are the men and the followers are women, but people are welcome to choose they role the want). Pricing: If you intend to take more than 1 class per month, the contract option below might be the best for you. Packages (1 Payment) 1 session Regular (Salsa or Bachata 1 class/week valid for 4 consecutive weeks): 65 + HST 1 session Regular (Salsa or Bachata 2 classes/week Valid for 4 consecutive weeks): 105 + HST 2 sessions Regular (Salsa or Bachata 1 class/week valid for 8 consecutive weeks): 110 + HST 2 sessions for 1 couple (Salsa or Bachata 1 class/week Valid for 8 consecutive weeks): at a discount price of 170 + HST drop-in: 20 (if there is spot left in the class after people registered for the whole session. ) More Info below.

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when: November 1 @ 12pm - 1pm
where: Studio X Ottawa Inc., 250 City Centre Ave Bay 122, Ottawa, ON K1R 1C7, Canada map
category: Salsa



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