Bergen Embrace 2020: Cuatro Palabras

Bergen Embrace 2020: Cuatro palabras
Jun 25

Bergen Embrace 2020: Cuatro Palabras

Que te vaya bien - I wish you well. Four words. Cuatro palabras.,,Welcome (back) to Bergen Embrace! The fourth edition. In a city rumored for its rain, your chances to see the sun in summer are pretty good. In any case, anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain! We advise you to take some extra days to explore Bergen, the fjords and other spectacular pieces of Norwegian nature. And you don't want to miss the Monday epically special event: La Fiordlonga.,,REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN:,[hidden] Abrazo strives for an inclusive environment where all members and visitors treat each other with respect. Bergen Embrace is role balanced. Dual More Info below.

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Phone: 47 402 03 309
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when: June 25 @ 9am - June 29 @ 9pm
where: GRAND HOTEL Terminus, Bergen, Norway map
category: Argentine Tango



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