2-Hr Workshop ~ Argentine Tango Technique For Both Roles

2-hr Workshop ~ Argentine Tango Technique for both roles
Dec 08

2-Hr Workshop ~ Argentine Tango Technique For Both Roles

2-hour workshop "Tango Technique for Both Roles" will include: * body preparation exercises (movement mechanics) * coordinating movement with music (expressing the sentiments of the music with your body language) * active intention and timely reception (practicing on giving clear/certain/direct signal and receiving such signal on a timely fashion directly into the body) * improvisation (letting go of the mental structure and practicing to express your sentiments / musical melody / lyrics) * and finally creating a dialogue with your partner that goes both ways (listening more what other has to say .... in tango). Sunday, December 8th 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. All levels (beginners are welcomed too)! Wear comfortable training cloth (no skirts or dresses). Instructor: Kristina Ivanova Drop-in $20 (pay at the door). LaVida Studio[hidden]th Ave NE Kirkland, WA 9803 More Info below.

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when: December 8 @ 5pm - 7pm
where: LaVida Dance Studio, 11961 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, wa, 98034, US map
category: Argentine Tango



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