3 Hours Of Dance! Slow Waltz, Argentine Tango, Dance Sport Endurance

3 Hours of dance!  Slow Waltz, Argentine Tango, Dance Sport Endurance
Oct 27

3 Hours Of Dance! Slow Waltz, Argentine Tango, Dance Sport Endurance

Increase your dance stamina, agility and balance. Keep up at social dances and all-night milongas! Todd and Migle teach 3 hours of dance every Sunday afternoon. Starting Sunday 10 August this will feature 3 months of beginner tango at[hidden] (Aug -Oct), to complement the Tango camp that is happening Aug 20-27. In addition, if you come to the earlier 330 lesson or the 530 lesson to follow tango, you will expand your dance portfolio with the beautiful movement of the Viennese Waltz at 330 and the athletic social dance workout Dance Sport Endurance at 530! See below schedule: 3:30 - Slow Waltz (Beginner) (check Dancesportendurance.com for current information) 4:30 - Argenting Tango (Beginner-Intermediate) (check Dancesportendurance.com for current dance) 5:30 - Dance Sport Endurance (see below for description) Admission: Free for Regency Sport and Health Members or Multi-Club Members! Non-members*: $20 for all 3 lessons Non-members must register at [hidden] due to Sport and Health policy. For only $20 you can attend up to the full afternoon of classes from 3:30-6:30! Or you can sign up for a monthly rate. Todd Borzych created DSE in 2002. He is a professional dancer and aerobic instructor. In 2007, he began training other instructors to teach the program, and it is now held in specialty clubs and gyms where ballroom dancing and aerobics are treasured! DSE combines classic European and American ballroom dances with the Latin American dances in an order designed to give a full body workout! Starting with a smooth warm-up followed by muscle building, top-line strengthening, jump training, ab-trimming section, and a cool-down, the workout consists of 8 dances choreographed to provide a strong basis for social, performance, and competition dancing. He has studied Tango under many renowned teachers, and he has performed Tango with Migle at the Kennedy Center, many studios and ballrooms, and for the Argentine Ambassador. Migle is an accomplished dancers' dancer, with a degree in Modern Dance, many years as a Tanguera, expert in all 10 dances of the International Style, plus she is a wonderful American Smooth dancer. She teaches dance at GMU, has experience in ballet, and she dances almost every other style of partner dance known! She is one of the founding members of the DanceSport Endurance team and is one of three Master Instructors. Students and professionals alike come to her classes and private lessons to improve their dancing. More Info below.

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when: October 27 @ 3:30pm - 6:30pm
where: Regency Sport&Health, 1800 Old Meadow Rd, Mclean, US map
category: Argentine Tango



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